Artwork Reproduction Photography

Museum Quality Artwork Photographer

Mark is a professional Artwork Reproduction Photographer with an outstanding reputation for attention to detail. The capture of your artwork is the single most important part of the whole reproduction process. Using our vast experience and specialist equipment we capture the subtle hues and fine detail of your original. This attention to detail is extremely important, if any of this detail is lost during the capture, it will be missing in the final Giclée print.

Artwork Photography - Artist's Print Room

  • Museum Quality Digital Artwork Reproduction Photography
  • High Resolution Artwork Photographer for your amazing paintings, drawings, illustrations & sculptures
  • True colour digital capture
  • 2D & 3D artworks photographed
  • Max size 6ft (183cm) Longest side
  • All types of art including. varnished oils, acrylics, pastels, illustration & watercolours
  • Reflections removed
  • Fully colour managed ICC workflow
  • Fine Art Trade Guild: Approved Printer
  • On-location photography service available

Ultra High-Resolution Artwork Reproduction Photography

We photograph each artwork, producing a finished file that is twice the size of the original artwork. This ensures an image with high colour-depth, detail, tonal range and accuracy. A typical 16″ x 12″ original will produce an image file of 160mp and a whopping 900mb (16bit) @300ppi in size, producing an amazing giclée print of 36″ x 24″ @300ppi without any enlargement or distortion.

Our prices are based on per square inch as well as the finish of the artwork; matte, gloss or varnished.

License to use

To protect the integrity of our clients and their artwork, the digital file we create, are archived to be ready for on-demand printing. By utilising our ‘pay as you go’ license to use, the artist only pays for the specified usage and duration. Therefore, we are able to organise and control the distribution of the digital image file and stop any unwanted or illegal use of the digital file by 3rd parties by issuing ‘Cease and Desist letters’. If we need to go further we can. In protecting our client’s asset, we protect the integrity of our client’s artwork, both as an artist and their business.

On Demand

Have you ever been caught out not having images of your artwork in the right format, resolution or size when needed? Have images of your artwork ever appeared in print with the wrong colours or looked dull and flat? As an artist – why worry about file sizes, colour profiles, resolution and formats? We can take that hassle away from you by providing an on-demand  ‘file specification service’, so if you are ever asked to supply an image file for a specific purpose, simply send us the file and the details. We can even handle requests from publishers, printers, galleries etc on your behalf and supply the files direct if you wish – giving you more time to do what you love, creating incredible artwork.

Have a Collection?

Are you a Gallery, museums or artist with entire collection that needs to be photographed? Please get in touch and we would be more that happy to advise how we can help.