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6 Best Tips for Art and Photo giclée fine art printing

giclée fine art print of river next to road in evening sunlight oil painting
Giclée fine art Printing Key points

Are you an artist or a photographer looking to make extra income from your art or photos, then maybe selling giclée prints of your images is the solution for you. It can feel a minefield when you first look into giclée prints and you weigh up the costs involved and whether you can do it yourself or leave it to the professionals. Also how good should a giclée print be? Should it look like your original image? Should it have strong deep colours and should the print paper be a good quality heavy-weight?

So we have put together a few of the main things you need to be aware of and what options are available, when it comes to giclée fine art printing. Also by making decisions about what type of giclée print you want, makes it easier when it comes to placing your order online.

6 Crucial Giclée Printing Tips

1. High Quality Image – It’s the most important part. If your image is out of focus or is a poor quality small file, then it won’t produce a great giclée print. Your image needs to be a ‘print-ready’ file, that is 300-360ppi at the exact print size and saved as a 8bit or 16bit .tiff with embedded RGB colourspace. JPEGs are acceptable, but ensure you don’t compress the file. Images taken from your social media are not good enough, they will have been compressed.

See our ‘How to Photograph Art’ for some help on photographing your art or use our artwork reproduction photography services for further help. A giclée print should generally be a true representation of your original artwork.


Editing your Image is Important

2. Editing Image – check your screen brightness before doing any image editing. If your screen is too bright, you will end up with a dark giclée print. Make sure your screen has an even brightness. Make sure your image is cropped to the size of print you want and check that it has the correct aspect ratio. You can also add a border when you have finished editing or request a border when you place your order.

If you need help with editing your image, from something quite simple to more complex photo editing, then fill in the editing section (section 3 (Fix my file))when placing your order online. Remember any flaws in the original image will be magnified in the final giclée print. So it makes sense to check you digital image file very carefully.

Please feel free to Get in touch if you need our help.

photo print with deckled edge of rabbit

Deckled Edge photo print

3. Choose paper – so you have an image that’s a true representation of your art or a photo that is ready to print. You’ve edited out all the marks and dust specks. Now you are ready to choose the paper. Giclée printing papers come in a range of weights, textures and bright white through to a deep creamy white colour. At the Artists Print Room we have the largest range of giclée papers available from the major world renowned paper mills. We only offer heavy-weight quality giclée papers. Working with a fine art printers means you can choose different giclée papers for different images. You are not limited to buying one roll of fine art paper, but are free to be as creative with a giclée print, as you were in creating the original image.

Choosing the Right Giclée Paper for your Art and Photos

There are many choices of giclée paper available and at The Artists Print Room we believe in only using the best quality heavy-weight papers available. All papers have a different white point and this means their colour gamut will print differently. So it’s important to choose the right paper for your image. We provide a lot of information about the fine art papers we offer. We have put together a sample book, which shows our papers with calibrated targets, including colour checker passport, a colour wheel, a grey scale chart and colour spectrum. Also included is a leaflet explaining how to get the very best from the charts and information. We believe in helping you choose the best paper for your art and photography.

Print Proof – If you are not sure which paper to choose you can always order a print proof (test print). This is a small section of your overall print. This is a good idea when you want to order a large format print and are not sure if you have edited the colours well. You’ll get to see a small area of your image and decide if you want to make further edits before printing the final large giclée print.

giclée print of watercolour painting of row boat by pierMore Print Finishes

4. Choose borders and print finishes – Part of the print finish options include, choosing a border size. You can choose a deeper border for the bottom, which is useful when you need room to sign or emboss a print.  Deckled edging is a lovely addition to giclée prints and adds a great finish to float mounted prints. You may want your print mounted on MDF or dry mounted. All of these are great options if you want something special or to make your giclée print stand out from the crowd.

5. Choose type of Edition – Do you want an open or Limited Edition print. See our blog for more information. You can have different editions for different images, you choose what works for you. Do you need certs of authenticity? Don’t forget you can also apply a digital signature to your giclée prints too.

Send Direct to your customer 

6. Drop Shipping – save yourself time, hassle and money. It makes sense to have your print order sent direct to your customer. This saves you the extra cost of shipping the print on and any other packaging costs. We send your giclée prints direct to your customer Worldwide. We package your giclée prints to a high standard, using archival materials for added protection.

Get in touch and see how we can help your giclée fine art printing needs. Using our knowledge and expertise to save you time and hassle. We provide you with stunning giclée prints that are rich and deep in colour time and again.



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