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Affordable Giclée Printing Services for Students 

  • 21st September 201713th March 2020

Affordable Giclée Printing Services for Students 

If you are a university student, the chances are you’re living your life on a rather strict budget, a budget that needs to cover rent, food, books and of course the frequent trips to the student bar to socialise with friends. So, the chances are many other expenses are out of the question. Affordable Giclée Printing Services for Students. At The Artists’ Print Room we understand that students don’t have the same financial freedom as those who work full time or have more of an income, and so we’re doing our bit to make getting professional printing done a little bit easier.

Giclée Printing Services UK

Whether you’re a budding artist or a studying photographer, the chances are at some point your university or college are going to want you to print out your work; this could be for an exhibition, as part of an end of year project or just to display for other students. Alternatively, you may just want to show off your work to others, hang it at home or gift it to a relative for Christmas. Whatever the reason behind needing printing services, if you are a student we are happy to offer a discounted rate for our giclée printing services.

We understand that students have a lot of things to consider, are living away from home for the first time and are faced with a lot of books and study materials to buy. So, we’re offering a 10% discount off all our services including giclée printing. This means students are able to take advantage of professional printing services at a budget they can afford.

Students, Take Advantage!

As well as offering a 10% discount on all of our services, including professional giclée printing, we also offer a free one hour introductory meeting to students to help guide them through photoshop, colour management, portfolio printing and other areas of photograph printing. From the beginning of your art and photography studies The Artists’ Print Room are with you to help you get the best shot at securing yourself a professional career in your art form of choice.

Find out more about our work with students and find out more about receiving your discount or booking an introductory meeting by getting in touch on 01746 325 911 or via our online contact form.