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The Beginner’s Guide to Fine Art Giclee Printing

The Beginner’s Guide to Fine Art Giclee Printing

Giclee printing is a high quality way for artists to capture the essence of their original artwork in order to promote it to a wide audience. It’s heralded as revolutionary as the attention to detail is unmatched, and experts in the art of giclee printing are sought after.

The Definition of Giclee

The word comes from the French for a liquid spurt or spray. It’s defined as a tyoe of fine art printing for digital and is associated with reproductions of art. Giclee can make exact copies of artwork through an intricate process that picks up on every detail and reproduces in an astounding way that promises no loss of detail.

Jack Duganne was the first, in 1991, to use Giclee printing as we know it today with the use of inkjet printers.

As Gicleee printing uses no mechanical instruments or screens, there are no unwanted patterns on the print. Artwork is reproduced exactly, and artists can proudly show off their work knowing they’re producing a real representation of the original.

How Are Giclee Print Images Produced?

Giclee prints are produced from very high resolution digital scans or photography and then printed onto a selection of platforms, such as paper, cotton or canvas. The quality of the substrate is important in the art of Giclee printing.

They are printed using the best inkjet printers from the leading manufacturers. The sophisticated technology uses 8-12 colour inkjets to perfectly reproduce the original artwork. This allows the artist to sell reproductions to w wider market while retaining hold of the original.

The Benefits of Giclee Printing

For artists who do not want to mass produce their original artworks or simply don’t have the time, Giclee printing is invaluable for being able to sell reproductions to a wider audience, for a lower price than the original.

The quality of the printing means that the buyer receives a tremendous piece, and the artist can expand their presence both on and offline.

After the initial print, further prints are relatively easy and reproductions can be made quickly.

The eminence of Giclee printing shows the respect an artist has for a buyer, as it’s more than simply scanning, it’s the next best thing to the original.

The images can also be sized to any dimension ensuring the artist can promote work across a wide variety of digital media channels.