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Benefits of Creating a Digital File From Your Art

The Benefits of Creating a Digital File From Your Art

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are with Photoshop or how dextrous you are with a digital pad nothing compares to expressing your creative flair on a sketchpad or canvas.

No matter how fast technology advances, digital technology cannot replace the gradual hues of watercolour paint or the faint, light touches of a HB pencil. The graduation of oils on canvas display a depth that’s impossible to imitate with a digital pen, while the whole process on a monitor seems somewhat impersonal.

How then, do celebrated artists display their work so gloriously online, through social media advertising or shares through acquaintances, how do they capture those nuances without losing the message in the transition from canvas to PC.?

The answer is, they use an artwork photographer like me. Creating a digital file from your art has multiple benefits. Just a few of these include:

The Ability to Share Worldwide

Artwork photography allows you to showcase your work via social media, to send it over email and to use it in a variety of ways from cover photos to your very own website and online gallery.

The Potential to Go Viral

Once you have a digital file of your artwork you have the potential to make your work go viral. It all starts with one simple like and share, just where will your artwork be seen? It could be viewed around the entire world.

The Use of Different Mediums

Once your artwork becomes a digital file you can use it for a variety of projects from greetings cards to creating your own T-shirts, bags or book covers.

To benefit from all of these artwork photography advantages you deserve an artwork photographer who understands the value of your work. An art reproduction photographer familiar with the tender brushstrokes you’ve used and the message you’re conveying through your artwork. I treat every piece as an individual, as each triumph I’m privileged to photograph is completely bespoke to the artist. The art reproduction photography shot I take depends on the medium you’ve used to create your masterpiece, as I want to capture every detail so nothing is lost when we create a digital file of your artwork.