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Why choose professional Giclee printing

Why choose professional Giclee printing

With the advancement in printing technology surely it’s easy to create fine art prints. There are now reasonably priced printers available to buy and so artists think they can create Giclee prints of their own artwork with ease, but there are lots of factors an artists or photographer needs to consider.

Factors to consider with Giclee printing

Firstly there is the cost, it might seem a reasonably priced printer, but the bigger the size of Giclee print required, means the prices go up, not just for the printer but the inks and papers too.

Also do you really know what type of printer you need, no good buying a dye ink printer, if you need a long lasting Giclee fine art print. Have you considered the space you’ll need to accommodate a printer and the area you’ll need for allowing your art prints to dry and don’t forget you’ll need packing space for when you get that all important sale.

Not only do you have to consider the type of ink in your printer but you have to decide on the type of paper you want to print on and it’s texture. If you want to print on more than one type of paper or offer canvas and paper prints, this means you have to hold more than one type of stock of paper, meaning your spending before your earning.

The biggest factor with Giclee printing

So lets say you’ve discovered the right type of printer, the best long lasting pigment inks and you’ve tried to be savvy in your choice of papers, what next?

There is one particular requirement of fine art printers compared to ordinary commercial printers and that is they need to be printing Giclee prints, regularly, every day. Otherwise you’ll end up with a costly problem of nozzle blocks. This means the ink has dried and blocked in the ink nozzles that delivers the ink onto the paper. Fine art Giclee printing is highly specialised and printing is within tight tolerances and unless you’re an expert fine art printer engineer, you’ll soon be calling one out to fix your printer at an expensive hourly rate.

Artwork Reproduction Photography before Giclee printing

So far we’ve talked about the fine art Giclee printing aspect of creating prints from your artwork, but before a Giclee print can be created you need an image of your artwork photographing. Do you use a professional artwork reproduction photography service or do you scan the artwork. Again it all comes down to quality. Artwork reproduction photography captures the subtle layers of washes whereas a scan can bleach out all delicate details.

You might want the image you created, colour matching to your original painting. This will involve having all your equipment calibrated and again having the right software to make amendments. Again involving time and money that could be spent on photography, painting or even the marketing of your Giclee prints.

So in conclusion, there are lots of aspects involved in fine art Giclee printing and it requires time to gain the knowledge and understanding of how Giclee prints are made and the type of equipment to buy. It requires a good investment of money to buy the right type of equipment. You need space to set up all the equipment. You need to print every day.

Using expert Giclee printing services

Lastly but most importantly photographers and artists need to remember they’re employed for their professional skills because their customers don’t have the ability, time, equipment, knowledge or experience to achieve great artworks. Therefore it makes sense to use a professional fine art Giclee printers, when it comes to printing artwork, they are the specialists in their field.

Using a professional fine art Giclee printer, gives artists and photographers more time to do what they do best, create beautiful artworks.