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Fine Art Printing from Your Drone

Fine Art Printing from Your Drone

When drones were first introduced for public use they were only sought after by professionals as the price was high. Now, with the popularity, drones have become more mainstream and are accessible by everyone, regardless of their budget.

Drones have been used by automotive photographers for quite a while, as they are ideal for capturing a long frame shot of a car in motion, from a unique angle. Now, artists around the world are exploring the capabilities of drones and using them for their own art projects as they realise what can be done with this powerful toy.

What is a Drone?

A drone is a flying machine that can be accessed remotely. It can reach places we can’t and send us images from landscapes that would be impossible to view from our own perspective. Previously, to create a bird’s eye view or to capture an original viewpoint, expensive equipment would be needed, alongside a lot of work. Artist would need to hike up hills, or hire helicopters to capture the images they needed.

Now, with the popularity of drones, these viewpoints are more accessible and as the technology of drone’s advance, more and more artists are finding ways to take advantage of this incredible way to generate images.

Fine Art Printing from Your Drone

The quality of images your drone produces depends on the quality of the camera your drone has. If you are using your drone to capture viewpoints, to bring you inspiration for an original piece, then a low resolution camera would be apt. If you would like to print fine art direct from your drone, you need to ensure the drone has a camera capable of producing exceptional images, but this can come with some risk.

The Risks and Rewards of Fine Art Printing from Your Drone

As drones become more mainstream, they also become easier to handle. When used for automotive photography, one member of the team would be trained extensively in how to fly and use the drone, ensuring they reached expert status. This is because the drone (and the pilot) are trusted with expensive equipment and it can easily be lost if the drone loses signal, power, or crashes somewhere inaccessible. Before you send expensive cameras up with your drone, make sure you’ve practiced well and understand the limits of the drone range along with any obstacles. Overhead cables, coastlines, strong winds and busy roads can all provide obstacles for your drone.

A Drone that Does Everything

Some drones come with cameras equipped, the quality of which is dependent on your budget. If the camera is of high quality you could enjoy fine art printing direct from your drone. A professional photographer and a drone should be a match made in heaven, as you can send the drone to places that would otherwise be out of bounds. A drone can capture images of nature that would be impossible to access without it, and when paired with a good camera it can produce incredible fine art prints that are completely original.

A drone doesn’t just capture birds eye views, it can be manipulated into may angles to photograph all vistas and landscapes. Over water, under bridges, across vast expanses, the drone is the perfect accessory for a professional photographer.