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A Guide to Great Greeting Card Printing

A Guide to Great Greeting Card Printing

Greeting card printing is a great way to expand the reach of your artwork while making it accessible to all.

Some greeting cards are now recognized around the world, as the images have been admired by fans of art and used across a wide variety of platforms. Having your artwork on a greeting card means you’re targeting two separate people, the giver and the receiver, along with their friends and family.

Keep an Eye on the Quality

Although the greeting cards may be mass produced, you shouldn’t take your eye of the quality of the print. You are making a first impression and so it’s important that buyers of greeting cards see your artwork in the best possible light.

When choosing the greeting card, make sure you choose the right style of printing to ensure clarity and depth. It’s also important to choose the right texture of card in which to promote your artwork.

A satin finish may not be the right finish to display your artwork properly, while a textured finish may add dimensions that aren’t there in the original artwork. Talk to your greeting card printer and discuss all the options for your greeting card printing. An experienced greeting card printer will be able to advise.

Consider the Layout

When choosing greeting card printing, consider the layout. How will your artwork look in a portrait or landscape? Will you add a border? Will the artwork cover the complete card? These small details can make a big difference to how your artwork is presented. The size should also be considered. Will a smaller card condense the detail of your artwork? Will a larger card blur the edges? These are questions you need to ask when considering greeting card printing.

Think About the Theme

There are now greeting cards for every occasion, they’re not simply reserved for birthdays and Christmas. When choosing greeting card printing consider the theme. What will your artwork represent? What will it pair with well? Is it soft enough to use on a card for bereavement? Do you want your artwork to be linked with sadness? Would you prefer for your artwork to incite feelings of happiness and joy, if so a congratulatory card or a birthday card may be better. You can, of course, leave the card blank for the sender to add their own message. For this, you need to ensure that the image of your artwork is top quality and it really sells the card on its own merit.