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Looking for Professional photography printing of your photographs

Looking for Professional photography printing of your photographs

How do you decide where to get your photographs printed professionally? There are so many choices and prices available.

Firstly you need to assess what quality of fine art photo printing do you want. Are you looking to turn your images into beautiful artworks. Do you want your fine art prints to speak volumes, the contrast of tones to capture the eye and to show all the depths of light and shade and the vibrancy of colours you saw, when you captured the image.

To achieve a high depth of colour and definition in your fine art photo prints, you need professional photo printing services. The best type of photo prints are fine art prints and to produce a quality fine art photo print you need a company offering Giclee printing services.

Giclee Professional photo printing

Giclee prints have a long life (archival) and are produced using pigment inks, which means the colour in your fine art photo prints won’t fade. Also the papers used are typically heavier weight papers (250gsm plus) made of cotton rag material, meaning they are also archivable.

Using Giclee printing services means you can be sure of a quality, long lasting fine art print. You will be offering your customers a professional fine art print. The elevated quality of your fine art Giclee prints informs your customers your value as a photographer.

When you choose professional photo printing, you’re establishing yourself as a reliable photographer who values customer care and a high quality customer service.

Using a company that has Giclee printing services, means you have a choice of options in how you print your images. A reliable and experienced Giclee printing company should be prepared to provide you with advice on how best to adjust your image for fine art photo printing. They can offer advice on calibrating your equipment and ICC profiles for all their papers. A good Giclee printing service should have a wide range of papers and canvasses, for you to choose from.

Different textures of papers can effect the final fine art photo print, from high gloss finishes, satin sheens through to velvety matt textures. Each substrate (paper) will effect the depth of light and shade across the final Giclee print.

Fine art photo printing and good communication

A photographer isn’t just sharing an image, they are looking to communicate with their audience. They may have a specific point they want to put across, an event or moment in time they’ve captured or they wish to connect with their audience on an emotional level.

An image’s subject has a greater impact when the right tonal adjustments have been made to the image, when deep intense coloured inks have been applied to heavy weight natural paper, that has a beautiful sheen that lifts the image. All the attention to detail in producing a fine art Giclee print resonates with the viewing public.

Too often a photographer has chosen poorly when presenting their best work at an exhibition. The print colours have remained dull and flat, cheating everyone of the potential for a great exhibition.

Therefore for a photographer to communicate well, with their audience, they need the same high level of communication with a Giclee printing company. A reliable, knowledgeable Giclee printing company should offer good communication, so photographers should choose wisely and be prepared to have test prints, to see who listens to their needs.