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Why Use an Artwork Photographer?

Why Use an Artwork Photographer?

Most contemporary artists now look towards a specialist artwork photographer to create images of their work. This is because they understand the skill involved to aptly reproduce a piece and to translate it into a canvas or into a digital image.

The Skills of an Artwork Photographer

An artwork photographer has special skills that an untrained eye does not, as they understand the correct lighting, the angles and more to recreate a piece of artwork.

An artwork photographer can photograph a 3D images and turn it into a 2D image that still retains all of the depth and intrigue of the original piece. This specialist will work tirelessly to ensure that no nuances of the original artwork are lost in transition from the genuine piece to the copies.

This is not the only reason many choose to use an artwork photographer, although it is the main reason. As well as having the skill to capture the piece of art, the professional must also be able to enlarge or reduce the size of the copies while holding onto the essence of the original piece.

Access a Wider Audience with Artwork Photography

Many sculptures, painters and artists use artwork photographers to create copies of their work, this can enable their work to find a bigger audience. The high-quality images of their work can be used on greeting cards, on posters, on canvases and personalized products giving it a much wider reach. This obviously means that the dimensions will change, as will the material the images are printed on. A good artwork photographer understands how the image will look, and will take photographs with the end product in mind, adjusting lighting and angles accordingly.

Tips on Choosing the Right Artwork Photographer

When choosing an artwork photographer for your paintings, sculptures, drawings or pieces, make sure you take a good look at their portfolio first. You’ll see how they’ve captured so much more than an ordinary camera can when photographing artwork.

If you’d like your work to reach more people in a variety of formats, it’s best to choose a professional who can make sure your new fans see your artwork the way you intended. This can make the difference between a sale and a passerby. It could also be the difference between going viral and staying local with your artwork. An artwork photographer’s skills should not be underestimated.