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Artist Helen Parry forms the Artists Print Room with husband Mark

Here’s my story-

When i first started having my work scanned and printed, I visited lots of printers, I never realised the issues that would come to effect me.

tapr_-_white_square_450pxHaving settled on a printing company with a good reputation, I used to spend hours with them having my work colour corrected ready for printing, and then never being truly being happy with the results, but I was always told “that colour matching was not really achievable, thats why they are prints

Having been contacted by an agent, who was interested in launching my work in London, we had a meeting. He opened my portfolio and loved my work, then took some of my prints which where mounted, out of there selofain, I was horrified at what i saw…. My beautiful prints had been printed on 3 different media, and two different mount board, NOT the material or mounts that I’d ordered and paid for. To make things worse they were part of a Limited Edition! I’d been robbed!

When I got home I spoke to my husband, ‘Thats it’, I said, I want my own Giclée Printer… I decided to take my printing in-house. After all, as an artist, my quality control is perfect.

The major part of our business, well now my husbands business is the photography of artwork and now the printing of artwork, both two dimensional paintings and three dimensional sculpture.

The photographs are used for reproduction, documentation and publication. This is done in our studio in Bridgnorth, utilising Canon digital cameras and ISO controlled lighting system and state of the art calibration equipment, all of which allow us to make exceptionally high resolution, colour correct digital images.contentserver

These digital images allow us to make reproductions that are so colour faithful to the original that our clients frequently cannot tell the original from the reproduction (giclee).

We are fortunate to be the only studio in Shropshire that has this equipment.