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Being Inventive with borders for your art and photo prints

photo of giclée prints same size different layout

When it comes borders for your art and photo prints we thought we’d covered everything. It seems there is one area we nearly, yes nearly missed! It might prove useful to you, so we thought we’d share it. Hopefully it will help you see how much borders can help you, when deciding on the size of giclée print to order.

We will also take a fresh look at the benefits of borders for art and photo prints. Hopefully you will see the versatility of using borders and how they can make choosing sizes for your giclée prints easier.

Types of Borders for art and photo prints

We thought we’d do a quick recap of the types of borders available. Firstly you can choose your print size and then add outside borders. Alternatively you can choose your print size then choose inside borders. You can decide to order borderless photo prints, which can look great mounted on card or foam board. Also you can decide to provide an image file with an embedded border.

See our blog ‘Should you have borders on giclée art prints’ for an in-depth look at the types of borders available.

photo of giclée art print with different size borders

Giclée art print with deeper top and bottom borders

Being Inventive with Borders

So what do we mean by being inventive. Being a creative we’re sure you are used to visualising what you want to create before you even begin painting, drawing or photographing. So we know you’re used to overcoming all types of creative obstacles and being inventive with borders is no different. So in this instance you have to overcome having different art or photo sizes, that you want to create a more uniformed look to your giclée prints as a whole.

Firstly it’s a good idea to look at the different size images you have. You might have artwork created as a circle, such as a mandala and regular landscape artworks too and then maybe you have square shaped artwork or photos as well. None of this is an issue, but it can be difficult when you want to create and sell giclée prints of a set uniform size and price. How do you overcome this?






Assessing your art and photo prints

Well it’s good to take an overall look at your digital image files and see what shapes the images are. Usually you find that most photos and art is a rectangular shape, either portrait or landscape in format. So this is a good starting point for choosing a standard size for all your giclée prints.

So you may choose to sell giclée prints as an A series, or to suit standard frame sizes. Again this is a rectangular shape. To accommodate your various shape artworks or photos, it’s good to get inventive with the borders. So in the case of square images, you can create a deeper bottom border, but still keep the same rectangular shape of the overall print.

Again you can apply borders to circular artwork, either treating the image as a square image and having a deeper bottom border or position the image more centrally to the rectangular frame. You could also have slimmer side borders or deeper side borders. It’s about being creative and seeing what works for you.

Please feel free to Get in touch we are always happy to help.

Why do you need a deeper Bottom Border for your art and photo prints?

It might seem obvious, but we thought we should just remind you. You need to apply a deeper bottom border for embossing your art and photo prints. Not all prints have to be embossed, but Limited Edition prints usually are. When you order Limited Edition prints from The Artists Print Room, we use our embossing stamp. It adds another layer of authenticity to your giclée prints.

You can learn more about Limited Edition prints here

photo of dog on beach giclée photo print with deeper bottom border

Giclée photo print with deeper bottom border

The benefits of borders for uniformed giclée prints

By having a uniformed shape and sizes to your giclée prints it can help you price your work more easily. So whether your image in a print is a smaller square, but still the same overall sheet size as a rectangular image, you can price your giclée print the same, if you choose. You have to view it as your customer is buying a specific size giclée print, usually to fit a certain frame they want or have.

Also having uniformed shaped giclée prints can help when it comes to storage. You won’t have square prints, jutting out from the rectangular prints, which could easily get damaged, before you make that all important sale.

Keeping things simple, helps you keep track of what you have to offer your customers and that you easily know your price structure. Also it’s always great to present your giclée prints as a collection. If the sizes are uniformed it can visually look great together. This helps your customer see your work as a collection, that will look stunning on their walls. So for instance they may choose a large rectangular giclée print and then choose to surround it with smaller giclée prints from your collection. Always remember to look at the potential for more sales of your giclée prints.

In Conclusion

So hopefully we’ve helped you see how borders can really help structure your giclée prints. This in turn should help organise you for those all important sales. So start looking at your digital image files and see how it can all come together as a collection. Remember to keep it simple.

We hope you found this blog useful. Please feel free to Get in touch to turn your images into giclée prints we’re happy to help.



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