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Calling all artists

Perfect Fine Art Printing; It all starts here!

Providing artists with exceptional Artwork Reproduction Imaging
and a truly Bespoke Fine Art Giclée Printing service.

We guarantee consistent, unparalleled vibrant fine art giclée prints each and every time for artists, photographers, sculptors, interior designers and galleries.

First and foremost we provide a bespoke service, that means we adapt our services around you, including offering any size print you would like.  Our online ordering system is simple to use and leads you through every step of the printing journey. Furthermore, we provide one-to-one appointments for introductory meetings, colour matching and consultancy services, offering you additional advice as and when required. You are the most important person to us and we constantly adapt to ensure consistent high quality with every order.

Providing a Bespoke Service with a unique feel that ensures
your artwork stands out from the crowd

World Class Artwork Reproduction Photography

Artwork Reproduction Photography at the Artists Print RoomIt all starts here. Get this process wrong and your prints will be poor and dull. At The Artists Print Room we don’t scan artworks, we photograph. Using advanced techniques developed at The Artists Print Room, we photograph your artwork at upto 4x times resolution, capturing at least twice as much information than our competitors, producing highly detailed images that capture every little detail of your artwork right down to the fibres of your canvas or texture of your paints. If you work with deep textures such as oils, acrylic or 3D artworks we can capture amazing depth, detail and shadows.

Fully Colour Managed workflow from Capture to Print

Soft Proofing Artists Print RoomOur studio is fully colour managed, using D50 lighting throughout. All our equipment is calibrated to the highest levels for truly amazing colour reproduction time and time again. To ensure the most accurate colours and hues we build our own custom ICC profiles with our in-house X-rite colour management system, guaranteeing you superior quality prints on a wide variety of media and improved print reproduction via additional Epson Digigraphie calibration, guaranteeing accurate repeatability.

Advanced Technical Colour Editing and Colour Matching

Using the very latest software and specialist software developed by ourselves and third parties, we are able to colour match to a very high level. Soft proofing your artwork before printing test proofs to confirm. This process guarantees the highest accuracy. All our proofing is carried out during a one-to-one colour editing session with the you, the artist.

Image File Archiving

All artwork photographed by The Artists Print Room or supplied by our clients is archived ready for on demand printing. This process, means that we are always printing from the exact same image file, thus improving the accuracy in repeatability. Archiving also improves the credibility and integrity of the artist, as your customer knows the chain of supply is highly protected. All archived images are backed up locally both onsite and off site and further backups to two separate cloud servers with 256k encryption for added security.

Bespoke Fine Art Giclee Printing

Here at The Artists Print Room we offer bespoke giclée printing for all types of art for artists and photographers.
The Artists Print Room is the only UK based fine art print studio to be certified by the four most renowned paper manufacturers in the fine art industry; Hahnemühle, Canson Infinity, Ilford Imaging and Epson Digigraphie. These Four accreditations prove our outstanding quality and enables us to stay at the forefront of new printing technologies and bring you the newest and highest-quality papers. In addition to this, we stock the widest variety of Hahnemühle FineArt papers in comparison to any other fine art giclée printer in the UK

Papers and Canvases

Hahnemühle William Turner - The Artists Print RoomChoose from a wide range of 17 different substrates, from the worlds leading paper manufacturers including Hahnemuhle, Canson Infinity, Ilford Imaging and St Cuthberts Mill. Each substrate has a different white point, different texture and finish. Paper white points can range from a bright white to a natural white to an ivory or cream tone of paper.  The finish of Fine Art Giclée printing paper can be separated into three different categories, smooth, textured or gloss/satin.

Bespoke Canvas Wraps

Drone Photography PrintingOur Canvas wraps are an incredibly popular, elegant and versatile option for displaying your artwork as an alternative to traditional framing. We offer two canvas products, the Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas which has a weight of 400gsm a high white poly cotton canvas or alternatively the slightly lighter weight 100% cotton Canson Infinity Museum ProCanvas 385gsm. We offer 5-border types, white, black, mirror and wrap or for something truly unique choose a specific colour from your artwork.

Bespoke Archival Greeting Cards

greeting cardsWe specialise in short run, custom printed greeting card production. We provide free layout design and our greetings cards are a cost effective way for artists and photographers to promote and sell their artwork. Our greetings cards are digitally printed using pigment inks, which produce a wider gamut range and richer colours and FSC Approved acid free 280gsm Felt textured card and 300gsm smooth bright white card, allowing you to order quantities as low as 12-cards per design. Available in four different sizes, complete with Premium White Envelopes, clear cello sleeves and Euro hangers.

Bespoke Hand Finished Deckle Edged Printing

Deckled Edge Fine RipSometimes you want to add that little bit extra to your print. Why not try a Hand Finished Deckle edge. You can order deckled edge finishes for any standard or bespoke sized prints on any of our cotton rag papers. You can order fine tooth finish as displayed in the photograph opposite or you can choose a course tooth finish.

Bespoke Digital Art Printing

Digital Art Which Fine Art Papers - The Artists Print RoomThe most common question I get asked is; how large can I print my iPad art? In reality it is down to the app you are using. Some apps, such as Inspire Pro by KiwiPixel allow you to create art A4 size, whilst Procreate by Savage Interactive can go as large as A2. Here at The Artists Print Room, we can typically enlarge your digital file by 400% depending on quality, resolution, canvas size and sharpness of the original file. Use the link to send us your iPad image files and we will let you know the best possible print size.

Certificates of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity - The Artists Print RoomAll our Certificates of Authenticity are printed on felt textured off white 280gsm archival paper. Our Certificates of Authenticity include details about the original artwork and print details as well as written and signed declarations of both the printer and the artist. Choose either numbered Limited Edition certificates or Open Edition certificates. All edition prints and certificates are embossed with either the Epson Digigraphie logo or our own Artists Print Room Logo. All our Certificates of Authenticity conform to Fine Art Trade Guild Standards.

Secure Packaging and Worldwide Delivery

Once printed and securely packaged, we ship your Fine Art prints worldwide, either to you or direct to your customer, using Royal Mail, DPD, Parcelforce or TNT.

Prints are expertly wrapped in archival tissue paper, kraft paper and bubble wrap before being packaged and shipped in a reinforced cardboard tube or flat packed if required. For larger items such as Stretched Canvas Prints or Mounted Prints, these will be shipped flat packed, in archival tissue paper and reinforced in heavy duty corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap.

Student Services

student fine art servicesHere at The Artists Print Room we realise that students face an uphill struggle to get their work printed to an exceptionally high standard and within a small budget. That’s why we offer students an additional 15% discount off all our Giclée Printing for Students services, including printing, retouching and editing. We also offer a FREE one-hour introductory meeting aimed directly at students. We can provide students with an introduction to Photoshop, colour management, calibration and portfolio printing. We are with you throughout your time as a student, starting from six-form through to graduation. From printing your first portfolio to show your work to prospective Universities, through to creating your final degree exhibition.

Customer Services

You may feel overwhelmed by the fine art printing options that are available or struggle to understand the technical aspects involved. That’s where our expertise and patience come in, guiding you through all the possibilities and breaking down the process step by step.

We are a small company providing a unique bespoke service, so to receive expert help over the phone, we always return your call, if we can’t speak to you straight away. This ensures we are able to give you the time and support you deserve to make the most of our fine art printing services.

Get in touch and let’s see how we can make your ideas a reality.

Other Services

We also provide, exhibition printing and dry mounting services such as 5mm lightweight Foamcore or 12mm MDF or acrylic sandwich mounts complete with split batten mounting or standoffs.

Photo negative and transparency scanning, editing and retouching of self captured digital image files for soft or hard proofing.

We provide one-to-one Technical Support for setting up Lightroom and Photoshop for colour editing, installation of ICC profiles and calibration of monitors. Please contact us for more details.

Group talks for art groups and societies on the benefits of Giclée printing and selling your artwork.

Book a FREE introductory meeting with us to find out more or give us a call on 01746 325 911 or 07809 381 978

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