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Can I photograph my own work?

untitled_untitled shoot_Artists Print Room_sRGBThe most common question I get asked about photographing Art is: Can I photograph my own work? The answer is yes, but for Fine Art Printing the answer is typically, NO!

I get sent lots of image files for printing, 80% plus are of such a low resolution, that the prints would be no larger than a beer mat.

I’m a professional Artwork Photographer, I shoot art all day long, I know how to light it, how to stop un-wanted reflections, how to work with metallics, glossy surfaces and how to get perfect balance from corner to corner. On top of this, I know how to edit. I work directly with my artist’s, side-by-side when colour correcting, after all, its your work, not mine.

Remember that – Perfect capture leads to perfect giclée prints.