Crop Ratio for Artists considering multiple sized print editions

Before you start working on your new painting or sketch or illustration, give a little thought as to how you would like it to look, in print. The reason I say this is simple, you don’t want to get small sections of your work cropped off to fit into standard sized mounts or frames.

All that hard work simply cropped off. Well, now you have your blank piece of paper or canvas or whatever substrate you use in front of you, think about the aspect (cropping).

If you take the chart below, you can see that by retaining the same aspect, you can print to your hearts content with many different sizes, without losing sections of your hard work.

Aspect Ratio for artists

Try to think about the size of prints you require? & how many different sizes?
Stick to the same crop ratio to avoid the sides or the top or bottom being cropped off. Such as:

7 x 5” = 9 x12, 15 x 21 etc..
A-Series = A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 etc…

As long as the ratio remains consistent, you won’t be forced to crop your artwork, when you ask for new size of print.

I hope this has been helpful.