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Deckled Edge Giclée Prints add a Stunning finish to your prints

bluebell flowers in vase deckled edged giclée prints

Deckled edge giclée prints really stand out from the crowd. They add a lovely finish to the edges of your giclée prints, whether they are art prints or photography prints. Stunning prints really deserve a special and stunning finish. You will find that this finish can really add a special touch to both your fine art reproductions and photography work.

We’ll explain a bit more about what a deckled edge is and what type of edges are available. We also take a look at when to choose deckled edged fine art prints. Finally we mention what custom print finishes are available too.

photo print with deckled edge of rabbit

Fine tooth deckled edge photo giclée print

So, What is a Deckled Edge ?

A deckled edge giclée print means the paper has a feathered edge rather than a cut edge. This gives your giclée prints a softer edge and in some cases it can appear as a fluffy thin white edge against the colours of the print. Deckled edged paper has the effect of creating an exclusive and expensive look to a finished print.

Types of Deckled Edging – Made by Hand

Deckled edge giclée prints are usually available with a fine tooth feathered edge. At the Artists Print Room we have a choice of two styles of deckled edging :-

Fine Tooth Deckled edge – which has a fine feather torn pattern.

Coarse Tooth Deckled edge – which is a less uniform, more rough feather torn pattern.

In our header image the coarse tooth deckle is on the left and the fine tooth deckle is on the right. Both of our deckled edging styes are created by hand, so each print will have a uniqueness all of its own (yes, that means tearing each edge individually, by hand, one at a time!)



Deckled Edge Print of dog portrait - The Artists Print RoomWhen to use Deckled Edging on your prints

There are many instances when a deckled edge will add a stunning finish to your giclée print. A deckled edge can add a special touch to commissioned digital artworks and commissioned portrait photos. Giving your customers a very custom giclée print finished by hand.

Additionally, deckled edge prints look incredible once float mounted against a contrasting colour backing board. This can lend a stunning three dimensional depth to your art or photo print. You will also find that this finish really adds to the texture of the cotton rag papers we offer, such as, the Hahnemühle Museum Etching. We find that the deckled edging gives the best results with heavy-weight cotton rag papers. However, we can produce on any paper type. View all of our paper options here.

The deckled edge effect will be different depending upon the giclée paper you choose. A heavier cotton paper, deckled, will have a fluffy feathery edge, whereas a smoother lighter-weight paper will have a more smooth flatter deckled edge.

Choosing Deckled Edge giclée prints and other print finishes

You don’t have to choose deckled edging for every one of your giclée prints, but it does add a special hand finish to a giclée print, giving it that exclusive, expensive feel.

The deckled edge option is available for prints both with borders or without borders, it’s up to you which you would prefer. To order deckled edge prints, simply use our step-by-step online order form to specify your requirements.

Don’t forget you can also have your giclée print UV varnished, with a matte, satin or gloss finish to choose from. You could also have your deckled edge giclée prints dry mounted on mount board, foam core or on MDF board. The choice is yours Get in touch if you have any questions or choose the options as you place your order. Our giclée print online order form guides you through your options.





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