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How to Price Giclée Prints

harbour scene giclée print

There are many factors that can affect how you price giclée prints. We will break down what these are and anything else you need to consider when pricing giclée prints. We will be applying our knowledge as fine art printers, gained from working with artists and photographers over the years. Also we’ll discuss one of the most important things, when it comes to giclée printing and that’s covering your costs. There’s no point in selling giclée prints at a loss.

Just remember this is a guide, designed to help you. It’s not a hard and fast rule on giclée print prices. You are always free to charge a giclée price you are happy with.

abstract artwork giclée printImportant Factors when pricing your giclée prints

Many artists decide to set a fine art print price that compares to their original artwork. They will usually sell their prints at a lower price compared to the relating original artwork price. This is easier for artists that already have their original artwork publicly displayed for sale with a set price.

Not all artists have their original artworks for sale, they prefer to receive requests directly. Only then do they decide a price for the original. Also there are artist who only produce digital artworks and therefore have chosen to sell only fine art giclée prints of their digital artwork.

So as much as it might seem easy to base a print price from the original artwork, this isn’t always the best or easiest option.

Which category of Artist are you?

Another important factor is are you a new artist, rising artist or a longtime fully established artist? Whichever category you fall into, determines what the likely current demand is for your art and what you can charge for your giclée prints.

The categories are loosely defined as new artist, meaning you have produced some art, had a few sales, possibly part of an exhibition and are looking at building a bigger audience and buyers.

A rising artist, means you have produced a collection of works, been in the media and had a solo exhibition and have some regular collectors of your art.

An Established artist means you have consistently produced artwork over the years, which has been in the media regularly, you’ve had several solo exhibitions and you may have won awards and have quite a large audience and collectors of your art.

None of the descriptions above are definitive, there are some established artists that have never exhibited, but have managed to create their own buyers and collectors with their online presence. So as a basic rule the larger your audience, the bigger the demand, the higher the price you can charge for your giclée prints.


Giclée prints selling price points

As a general rule we have found these price points (from A4 up to A0 size prints) to ring true for many of the artists printing with us:-

New Artist, charge a print price from £50 up to £350,
Rising Artist, charge a print price from £90 up to £800
Established Artist, charge a print price from £300 up to £2,000

Please don’t think this is the definitive price point, this is just a guide and we don’t wish to limit your earning potential in any way. Not every artist fits the same pricing structure and artists gather their audiences and buyers from many different sources, so what may be right for one, may not be right for another. In the end it will come down to trial and error as you sell your giclée prints. If you have any questions, then please Get in touch

Giclée print sizes

Of course it makes sense that the larger the giclée print, the bigger the price will be. When fine art printing, more paper and ink has to be applied to the giclée print for larger prints, so the price will obviously be higher. Though the price should be comparative to the smaller print size if there is one available for your buyers to buy.

There are artists that offer a giclée print of an artwork in three sizes and each print is priced according to their size. See our Blog ‘Choosing giclée print sizes’ to learn more.

botanical artwork giclée printLimited Edition giclée prints and print runs

When it comes to Limited Edition giclée prints, they are more desirable than open edition prints, purely because they are a limited run of prints. This also means that once the Limited Edition run has sold out, no more prints of that particular artwork can be sold, giving the buyers of your Limited Prints an exclusive price giclée print.

Therefore it makes sense that your Limited Edition prints will be a higher price than open edition prints. Also the size of your print run can be a factor in how to price giclee prints. Print run sizes can range from 10 prints upto over 800 prints. At the Artists Print Room we advise you upload a signature for us to print on your Limited Edition prints, saving you time and hassle. We also provide Certificates of Authenticity, adding another level of reassurance of quality and commitment to your buyers, with our many accreditations. See our Limited Edition Blog for more information.



Don’t Make a Loss

There are a few more things to consider when pricing your giclée prints and one of them is where are you going to sell your prints? Where you sell them can affect what price you need to charge, for example if you choose to sell them through an online platform such as etsy, folksy etc.. then you need to consider their charges for selling your prints on their platform.

You will also need to consider gallery commission charges as well, galleries can charge a commission of between 30 – 50% plus VAT.

So the main costs you have to think about are:

  • The cost of creating a digital image file of the original artwork
  • Giclée printing services costs
  • Packaging and delivery costs (we can send your giclée prints direct to your customer worldwide)
  • Platform fees i.e etsy, folksy etc..
  • Gallery commission fees
  • Room to offer occasional discounts or offers
  • Marketing costs, if you choose to advertise in print publications, online platforms, social media advertising
  • Tax and VAT payable on sales

Therefore when you have added in all your costs to produce and market the giclée prints, you can start looking at profit margin percentages to add. Once you have decided on a margin percentage, this can be applied to all your giclée prints.



botanical painting giclée printSelling from a website and/or through a Gallery

Whether you choose to sell giclée prints on your own website or through an online platform or a gallery, you must keep you giclée print prices the same. Otherwise you can confuse your potential buyers. Also galleries won’t be happy to have your prints in their gallery, only to discover you are selling them at a lower price on your website. Wherever you choose to sell your giclée prints, you need to be consistent with sizes, quality, packaging and prices. We’re always happy to help, please feel free to Get in touch

Investment Buyers

There are art collectors who are always looking for an investment and the demand that an artist can create, can bring in the investors. So it s always is important to keep a clear record of artworks created and the relating giclée prints, such as who has the digital image file, how many print runs, sizes and the dates when the prints were created. Investors also assess your media presence and audience following to see the longterm value in investing in your art.

Just remember that art investors are a small portion of the overall buyers of art and giclée prints. Most buyers buy giclée prints because they like that particular print. There could be a number of reasons why, such as they feel an emotional connection to the subject matter or they have connected with the artist and the artists vision. Very rarely do two people have the same reason for them both liking the same giclée print.

Overall pricing your giclée prints

So to sum up you need to:

  • See where you are in your art career
  • Take a look at your current audience
  • What do you sell your original artworks for
  • What size will your giclée prints be
  • Will they be Limited Edition
  • What set up costs do you need to cover
  • What platform fees, gallery fees do you need to cover
  • Consider packaging, branding, marketing and advertising costs

So when you have looked at all these factors and added a profit margin, you should arrive at a reasonable price, that covers your costs and also makes you a profit.

Art is very subjective and what sells one minute can go out of favour in the next minute. So even though price is a factor in what people choose to buy, it isn’t the only factor. First and foremost your giclée prints need to be promoted, for everyone to know they are for sale.

Finally… Marketing quality fine art prints

Artists always question the pricing of their art and giclée prints, but there is no one definitive answer. Overall it is important to ensure you cover all your costs. Also selling giclée prints with a low price point, doesn’t mean more sales, it means you’re undervaluing your work. Thus creating a false audience, that doesn’t appreciate the true value of your work and won’t continue to follow you as your prices increase. Also by having a false low price where there is no real profit, means you’re forcing other artists to de-value their work too, damaging the art market for all concerned. Don’t de-value your work and remember marketing is more important than price.

Don’t forget we’re talking about fine art giclée prints, which are produced to a high standard on heavy-weight papers and have a longevity of over 100 years plus. So don’t undersell when you are offering your customers a quality print. The language you use in your marketing informs your buyers of the quality they can be assured of, when purchasing your prints. As we have already said, marketing is key.

If you’re starting out with giclée prints or are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable fine art printers, then please feel free to Get in touch




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