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Introduction to Fine Art Giclee Printing Talk to The Visual Art Network, Shropshire

Artists Print Room_Giclee printing talk by Artists Print Room_MT-28_sRGBI was invited by Shropshire Visual Art Network (VAN) and Disability Arts in Shropshire (DASH) to give a presentation and talk on ‘An Introduction to Giclee Printing’, How The Artists Print Room got started, some of the technical aspects to Giclee printing, substrates available and information about the laws concerning artwork. I also talked about being the only Fine Art Trade Guild printer within Shropshire and the high quality of giclee printing and substrates I provide, with examples for the audience to assess.

Very interesting technical background to colour and substrates. Interesting to me as a photographer.

Nigel Young.

My wife Helen, an artist, was tweeting with Hahnemühle and mentioned I was doing a talk in Market Drayton on their substrates, I soon got a direct message asking if they could come along. I thought it was a great opportunity to finally meet them, as I’m currently applying for ‘Hahnemühle’s Certified Studio’ status. So Hahnemühle’s Simon Waller and Heidi Wilson attended my talk and they challenged me with a few questions. I think it was interesting to hear other viewpoints and to study Hahnemühle substrates in more detail.

Artists Print Room_Giclee printing talk by Artists Print Room_MT-19_sRGBIt was a good two hour talk, with artists, photographers and sculptures attending and all requiring different solutions to digitising their artworks. I gave a very comprehensive giclee printing talk, which produced a steady flow of questions from the artists in the audience throughout my talk on giclee printing.

What I found surprising, was the current poor examples of giclee printing the artists had brought along to show me and also their frustrations in dealing with printers. It felt really good to be able to allay their frustrations and show examples of the high standard of giclee printing I am able to offer. I also showed examples of Hahnemuhle ‘s quality papers and canvases, which was a complete eye opener to all who attended.

There were many topics I discussed including copyright, limited editions, social media and the laws that directly effect artists.

The feed back I received from the artists in the audience was immediate and overwhelming. I had such lovely comments as

Really useful session – full of all the things you wouldn’t think of or have time to ask! 

many thanks Jodie


Fabulously interesting and very useful- been looking for someone that can print my work as I want it & such interesting info. So very useful to my art practice so thank you. Anne Marie.


A very interesting evening. Mark was a very competent printer and good presenter. Would be interested in coming to another session.

Simon Walker General Manager Festival Drayton

Artists Print Room_Giclee printing talk by Artists Print Room_MT-15_sRGBOverall I believe they all enjoyed my talk on The Introduction to Giclee Printing and I’m sure we’ll get together again, so I can discuss the topics in more detail.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting such a lovely group of creatives and would love the opportunity to meet more artists. I would like to thank Carola & Hilary at Visual Art Network Shropshire and and Paula at DASH (Disability Arts in Shropshire) for their overwhelming enthusiasm and in hosting the evening and providing refreshments.

So get in touch if your art group or photography group is interested in a talk about Giclee printing, I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch, by using the contact form.