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Mounted Giclée Prints – Print Finishes

Mounted Giclée Prints - The Artists Print Room

Our mounted giclée prints can add a special finish to your fine art prints. We thought we’d share what options are available to you and what mounted giclée prints actually are. We also discuss the benefits of mounted giclée prints.

What does mounted giclée prints mean ?

When you hear the word mount, most people immediately think of the mounts that usually come with a framed artwork or photograph. These type of mounts are called window mounts (also known as passe-partout and matting) and they are usually a mat, paper or cardboard sheet placed on top of the print and under the glass of a frame.

A mounted giclée print is when an art or photo print is dry mounted onto a rigid or semi-rigid backing board. The board can be made from various materials and can be used for displaying your fine art prints.

Photo dry mounted giclée print on foam core board

Dry Mounted Giclée print on Foam Core Board

Bespoke Fine Art Printers

Just a reminder that we are a bespoke fine art printers, so that means we adapt our services around your needs. It also means we are able to offer you giclée prints at your preferred size. When you place your order with us, you can choose your size per mm, this gives you creative freedom and means you don’t have to crop your image to fit a set size. If you have any questions then please feel free to Get in touch

What are the Dry Mounting options we offer ?
White Core Mount Board

We offer a 2.4mm white core mount board to a maximum size of 594 x 841mm

This type of mount board is acid-free and has a slim look, but is a strong backing board. It also has a white core, for a smooth white edge around the sides of your print.

Foam Core Mount Board

We provide a 5mm foam core mount board with a maximum size of 841 x 1189mm

The foam core board is acid-free, white polystyrene and has high quality clay-coated white paper liners on both sides. It is a light-weight backing board with a durability and rigidity, ideal for mounted giclée prints.

MDF (Black Edges) Mount Board

For a heavier mount board, we offer 12mm MDF board with black edges to a maximum size of 841 x 1189mm

The MDF mount board has a smooth black edge and backing for a seamless look to your giclée print.



artwork on giclée print dry mounted on 12mm MDF Board black edges

Dry Mounted Giclée print on 12mm MDF

Mounted giclée prints hanging options

We can provide velcro for the lighter backing boards. Though we don’t recommend using velcro with the 12mm MDF mounts.

We also offer 9mm MDF split batten and a 9mm MDF sub frame.

Our hanging options will save you the hassle and will allow you to easily hang your mounted giclée prints straight away. The added bonus is we can send your mounted giclée prints direct to your customer, ready for them to display on their wall.

Canvas Wraps

For our canvas giclée prints we offer two premium, heavy-weight canvases, from the World renowned paper mills, Hahnemühle and Canson. You can choose between Hahnemühle Daguerre or Canson Infinity Museum Pro Canvas. Both of these canvas options have a stunning matte finish and provide an incredible image sharpness, really highlighting the colours in your print.

Our canvas giclée prints are also available as loose giclée prints. Though if you choose a canvas wrap, you are buying a completed giclée print, ready to hang. Our canvas wraps are stretched and wrapped by hand around wooden bars to create a taught finish. Due to the drying process of the prints and our traditional canvas wrapping methods, the dispatch time for canvas wraps is between 7 and 10 days. All our fine art canvas wraps are ready to hang with fixings attached to the back bar. So we can dispatch your canvas wrap direct to your customer, saving you time, hassle and extra packaging and delivery costs.

There are many benefits to choosing a canvas wrap, learn more.

Canvas Stretcher bars and Mounting Options

Our quality stretcher bars are available as:-

25mm deep stretcher bars or

44mm deep stretcher bars

You could also choose to have your canvas print mounted on our 12mm Deep MDF (Black Edge) mount board, for a unique seamless finish.



art portrait print on canvas

Solid Colour Wrap (white) Canvas wrap

Choosing a Wrap Style Edge

When you order a canvas wrap, you have a choice of options, of what to print on the edges of the canvas. There are no set rules on what you should choose, it comes down to personal taste. You may choose a uniformed look to all your canvas wraps, that you sell to your customers, that could match your brand identity. As an artist or photographer you have to choose what works best for you and your customers.

Mirror Wrap – Your image is visible in full on the front of the canvas, while the outer borders of your image are copied, inverted and printed on the edges of the frame.

Gallery Wrap – A classic gallery wrap with the margins of your image printed on the sides of the frame.

Soft Edged Wrap – Known as a “pixel stretch” design, because the outermost pixels of your image are stretched lengthwise along the sides of the frame, creating a blurry look

Solid Colour Wrap – A bold strip of black, white or custom colour is printed along the edges of the canvas. You could also choose a colour from the image, for a matched look.

UV Varnishing

For added protection you can also choose to have your mounted giclée prints or your loose giclée prints varnished with a UV coating in a Matte, Satin or Gloss finish. The varnish protects the giclée print from finger prints, humidity and the suns rays.

Deckled Edge Print of dog portrait - The Artists Print Room

Mounted Deckled Edge giclée print

Deckled Edged giclée prints

Another option you can choose is deckled edging on your mounted giclée prints or you could choose it for loose giclée prints as well. You can learn more about our deckled edging option here.

We offer a fine tooth deckled edge and a coarse tooth deckled edge.

A deckled edge on a giclée print mounted on our 12mm MDF board can add a lovely finish to your print. It means the feathered edges of your print will over hang the mount board slightly. Giving your print a floating appearance with a 3D feel.

The benefits of Mounted Giclée Prints

Firstly and importantly having a dry mounted print means you have a finished product to send direct to your customers, without any hassle. You haven’t had to weigh up the style or cost of a frame and debate whether its a popular choice that your customer will like. You don’t have to worry either about the frame matching your customer’s decor.

Another bonus is they are so easy to hang and can be sent direct from us to your customer, saving you the cost of repackaging and shipping.

Mounted giclée prints have a streamlined finish, while adding rigidity to your print without a bulky frame getting in the way. Ideal when you want an image to capture an audience.

They also work well for exhibiting your images. Mounting your giclée prints on a lightweight foam core, means your images can be transported easily. They will have a good rigid support and be easily hung on the wall ready for exhibiting. Also having your prints mounted means your audience can see your images without any frame or glass getting in the way of their view.

When you see a mounted giclée print of your art or photos on the wall, it creates a seamless look with your image appearing to be floating, drawing your eye in.


There are so many benefits to mounted prints. If you would like to explore this option, then use our step-by-step online ordering system to order your print on the paper or canvas of your choice and start choosing your mount board.

If you have any questions or a project or exhibition you’d like our help with, then please feel free to Get in touch



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