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Our journey together starts here!

Where did it all start, I sometimes ask myself that very question. I started with a very impetuous wife, a perfectionist of the impossible order.

My wife is a watercolour artist, but she’s no ordinary watercolour artist, but pure watercolour, no soggy paper and brushes loaded with water, but miniature brushes, with nearly dry pigments. She also only uses 3 primary colours, so all colours are mixed in the pallets or directly on the paper in layers, sometimes tens of layers..

Then there’s the paper, it’s quite a creamy white cotton with a rough texture.. And she doesn’t use any white paint, so all the whites are actually creamy white, the paper white… It’s this combination that has been causing all our printers major issues with colour correction.

After being let down in a very embarrassing way by her last printer, I came home one day to find a large crate on my door step… ‘Thats our new printer’ she told me! well we’d always said we would eventually bring the printing in house, but not right now.

I am a food photographer, so setting up a printer and photoshop, camera, lighting was not an issue, well that’s what I thought… Six months later, I’d finally cracked all the aspects of fine art colour correction, far more complicated that general photography colour correction…

My wife has now passed off all her artwork, (well the ones she hadn’t sold) and she’s happy, that’s no small mean feat, I can tell you…

I really hope that you will find the same faith in my ability, as my wife, to produce fantastic reproductions of your amazing artwork, and that you’ll truly enjoy the whole experience of working along side me in my studio..

I look forward to meeting you all, the kettle’s on.