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RHS Photographic Competition 2022

garden photo blog header RHS Photographic Competition 2022

The RHS Photographic Competition 2022 is organised by The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). It is the UK’s leading gardening charity and was founded in 1804.

The RHS promotes horticulture with its gardens around the UK and its annual flower shows, including the renowned Chelsea Flower Show It also supports training and educational programmes for professional and amateur gardeners.

So the annual RHS Photographic Competition has been created to inspire young and old to get outdoors and photograph how enriching and inspiring gardens and plants can be. The 2022 competition is now open for entries.


Deadline for submissions 1 February 2022 10am (GMT).


photo of dragonfly by Seri Miroshnyk RHS Photographic Competition

©Serhii MiroShnyk ‘Evening Dress’ 2021 2nd in Welcoming Wildlife category

Conditions of Entry
  • The competition is free to enter for all categories and age groups.
  • You can live anywhere in the world to enter the competition.
  • Images can be taken on any photographic device or through any photographic process as long as they are submitted digitally.
  • All entries must be submitted through the RHS Photographic Competition website.
  • The entrant must be the original artwork creator and solely hold the copyright.
  • You are not required to know the plant’s name, but if you do it can be included into the title on the upload process. Images will not be judged on whether the plant name is known or not. Category 10 – Portfolio entrants must provide Latin names for the plants featured in their images.
  • Entries via the RHS Photographic Competition website are limited to five. The Social Media category is limited to five entries per month. Entries for Category 10 (Portfolio) require a minimum of six images in a series.
  • Entrants are permitted to enter 5 images to the competition via the website. If the RHS deems the entrant has exceeded the image entry limit, through multiple accounts or by any other means, the RHS may disqualify the entrant from the competition.

You can see full Terms and Conditions here

photo of flowers called fantasy flowers by Jack Sedgwick winner under 11s RHS photographic Competition

©Jack Sedgwick ‘Fantasy Flowers’ 2021 Overall Young Winner Under 11s

Image Requirements
  • Image entry file size must not exceed 4MB, and is recommended to be at least 1200 pixels on the longest length.
  • A high-resolution image with a minimum of 6MB, preferably over 10MB, will be requested if entries are shortlisted and entrants may be disqualified at the judge’s discretion if high resolution images are not provided when requested (with exception for entries to the Under 18s and Under 11s categories.)
  • Images must not include watermarks, borders, or signatures.
  • Black and white images are eligible for all categories.
  • No single image may be entered into more than one category. For example, an image cannot be entered into All About Plants and Social Media categories.
Any submitted image must not be entered into any other competition after being entered into the RHS Photographic Competition until the results have been announced.
  • Digital adjustments that maintain the integrity of the image are allowed.
  • It is not permitted to make any major physical change to the image apart from in the Abstract or Portfolio categories. You may not, for example add or remove plants, objects, animals, people, landscapes or any parts of animals, plants, people or landscape when submitting in the other seven competition categories.
  • Accepted digital adjustments include dodging and burning, changes to tone and contrast and cropping, as well as High Dynamic Range imaging techniques, stitched panoramas and focus stacking.
  • The RHS may request the RAW file(s) or original camera jpeg(s) for any shortlisted image, if it deems that image does not follow the restrictions on digital manipulation and reserves the right to disqualify any image that it feel lacks authenticity.
flower photo Midsummer bliss by claudia Gaupp winner social media category RHS Photographic Competition

©Claudia Gaupp ‘Midsummer Bliss’ 2021 Social Media category Winner

Important Dates
  • The deadline for the entries is 10am, Tuesday 1 February 2022.
  • Winners will be announced during an RHS Show in 2022 and will be notified they have been shortlisted prior to this. Unfortunately, due to the expected high number of entries, they will be unable to let you know if you have been unsuccessful. Portfolio entrants will hear during March if they have been selected to exhibit their work for judging at an RHS Show. Medals are announced following judging at the Show.
  • Winners of categories 1-9 will be announced and exhibited at an RHS Show in 2022
  • Medals for category 10 (Portfolio) will be judged and awarded at an RHS Show in 2022, and a ‘Best portfolio photography exhibit’ will be awarded.
  • After the RHS Show exhibition, a selection of images from across all 10 categories will be on display at RHS Gardens in summer 2022 – dates to be confirmed.
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Your own private space or a spectacular RHS garden, a tiny city patch to a formal domestic outside haven, the choice is yours.

Welcoming Wildlife

Photographs of insects, birds and creatures found wild in your garden or garden surroundings. Images can be close up details or wider views of wildlife enjoying the outside environment.

poppies photo by ©Giuseppe Bonali winner creative RHS Photographic Competition

©Giuseppe Bonali ‘Poppies’ 2021 Creative category Winner


Submissions should show a plant, tree or shrub as a whole entity – macro photography or tiny details aren’t right for this category. Instead, photographs could include the flower, stem and leaves of one single plant, or a clump of plants in their natural environment.


Image manipulation and graphic approaches are welcomed. They want to be wowed by amazing, unusual and never-been-seen-before images that challenge and make us think.


Celebrate and excite the senses through close-up photography of plants, flowers, stems, leaves, roots or any part of a plant. These photographs should be about the detail and intimate nature of the subject in question.

Indoor Gardening

Show them everything that sums up the fun, beauty and interest of growing plants indoors. From windowsills to conservatories, terrariums to glasshouses, house plants to indoor edibles.

Under 18s (age 11-17)

Any photographs depicting something plant, garden or wildlife related that interests you.

Under 11s

Any photographs depicting something plant, garden or wildlife related that interests you.

Social Media

Any image may be entered into this category that is relevant to horticulture, gardening or wildlife. Images should be submitted via RHS Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts using the hashtag #RHSphotocomp. The monthly shortlists (May 2021 to January 2022 inclusive) will be selected by the RHS social media team and an RHS judge, and the winner will be voted for by their social media followers. Each winning monthly entry will compete for overall category winner.

  • This category is open to both amateur and professional photographers.
  • This category is judged for RHS medals and is therefore not included in the judging for the overall winner of the RHS Photographic Competition. A ‘Best portfolio photography exhibit’ will be awarded.
  • The category is for a set of a minimum of 6 images on a common theme that work together as an exhibition. There is no maximum number of images but the entry must fit into the allocated exhibition space if shortlisted.
  • Shortlisted entrants must print, frame and display their photography series. Photographers based outside the UK may engage a third party to hang and remove their work if shortlisted.
  • Shortlisted photographs will be exhibited and judged at an RHS Show in 2022. [TBC]
  • Portfolio entries must focus on plants, horticulture or gardens – entries may include wildlife but this should not be the dominant subject of the images. Wildlife-focused images are better entered into category 2 – Welcoming Wildlife.

Read guide for Portfolio entrants.

Nigella flower in evening sunlight photo by Molly Hollman winner plants RHS Photographic Competition

©Molly Hollman ‘Nigella flower in evening Sunlight’ 2021 Plants category Winner

Tips on Entering The RHS Photographic Competition 2022
  • Check your image meets the specifications required.
  • Make sure you hold the camera steady, when you click. We all have the habit of moving the camera down as we click. Better still use a tripod.
  • Check your image for marks and ensure there is no watermark in your image.
  • When cropping your image, keep an eye on the file size and composition. Remember cropping will reduce your file size.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions, to make sure you comply.
  • See previous category winners, to have a better understanding of what the judges are looking for.

Winner of the RHS Photographic Competition
Young Winner of the RHS Photographic Competition
£750 Wex Photographic vouchers

Adult categories

Cactus photo by Debbie Armstrong Macro winner RHS Photographic Competition

©Debbie Armstrong ‘Cactus’ 2021 Macro category Winner

First Place     £500 + RHS Gift membership
Second Place     £250
Third Place     £150

Portfolio category

Best in Show     £500 + RHS Gift membership
RHS Medals are awarded

Under 18s

First place     £150 Wex Photographic vouchers
Second place     £75 Wex Photographic vouchers
Third place     £50 Wex Photographic vouchers

Under 11s

First place     £150 Wex Photographic vouchers
Second place     £75 Wex Photographic vouchers
Third place     £50 Wex Photographic vouchers




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