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Artwork Reproduction Photography

Artwork Reproduction Photography

Artwork reproduction photography – turning your original art into giclée prints!

Artwork Reproduction Photography - The Artists Print RoomAre you looking to reproduce your original artwork to sell? Here at The Artist’s Print Room, we offer a professional artwork reproduction photography service with an outstanding reputation for attention to detail. When it comes to reproducing your original artwork, whether this be watercolour, oils or even sculptures, the single most important part of the whole artwork reproduction process is the initial image capture. Using our vast experience, understanding and specialist equipment, we can capture the subtle hues and fine details in your original artwork. This is extremely important as any fine details missed in this process will subsequently be missing from your final fine art giclée print. We have experience in handling artworks, so you can be assured your original will be in safe hands with us.

‘We received our print on Saturday – thank you very much. We are delighted with the quality of the print. The colours are beautifully reproduced and the contrast that you have achieved between the very dark and the very light colours is terrific. We were also very pleased with your great service. Having sent you an inadequately detailed image I was very grateful that you helped me to figure out how to solve that problem.’

‘I have tried lot of printers, they never seemed to get my colour quite right, Mark had patience with me, and I never felt rushed or hurried along… Great Coffee. Thank you so much Mark, can’t wait to bring you my next painting.’

‘Thanks Mark for sharing your expertise and wisdom. Our prints are peerless and you have made the whole process a joy.’

Take a look at our artwork reproduction photography set up on location when we photographed sculptor Donald Brown’s incredible piece, ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace’.

We provide high-resolution artwork photography, the price is based on the size of the original and finish. Also we photograph each artwork at two times the resolution, producing a finished file that is twice the size of the original artwork. This produces an image with high colour-depth, detail, tonal range and accuracy. Additionally, we will provide a 72dpi image file which you can use for your records and your website. For a full breakdown of our prices please view our pricing page.

Artwork Reproduction Key Features

• Outstanding museum quality digital artwork reproduction photography
• High resolution artwork photographer for your amazing paintings, drawings, illustrations & sculptures
• True colour digital capture
• We can photograph both 2D & 3D artworks
• The maximum size we can work to is an incredible 6 foot /183cm (along the longest side)
• We can photograph artworks of all types of art including; varnished oils, acrylics, pastels, illustration, watercolours and even sculptures
• All reflections removed and files produced are white point and colour balanced
• Fully colour managed ICC workflow
• We are a Fine Art Trade Guild approved printer and certified print studio with four leading paper manufacturers; Hahnemuhle, Canson Infinity, Ilford Imaging and Epson Digigraphie
• Large collection or delicate artworks? We can provide an on-location photography services too

Ultra-High-Resolution Artwork Reproduction Photography

The final file of each piece of artwork we photograph is a massive two-times the size of the original piece. With the incredibly large file size it ensures that there is a high-colour depth, all minute details included, full tonal range and perfect accuracy. For example, a typical 16” x 12” original piece will produce an image file of 160mp and a immense 900mb (16bit) at 300dpi. Consequently, this will then produce a final giclée print of 36” x 24” at 300dpi without any additional enlargement or distortion.

License to use

The integrity of our clients and their artwork is paramount to our workflow processes. Every digital file we create is archived to be ready for on-demand printing. By using our ‘pay-as-you-go’ license, you as the artist only pay for the specified usage and duration. Therefore, we are able to organise and control the distribution of the digital file in order to protect the provenance of your work and stop any unwanted or illegal use of the digital file by third parties. We can issue cease and desist letters on your behalf and if required assist with further legal proceedings. Protecting our client’s assets, work and businesses is paramount to The Artists Print Room.

On-demand Services

With on-demand services you will not be caught out by not having your artwork in the right format, resolution or size when required. As an artist, you shouldn’t need to worry about file sizes, colour profiles, resolutions and formats, you should be focusing on creating outstanding pieces of art and we will take care of the rest for you! Here at The Artists Print Room, we can provide a file specification service with our on-demand services. If you are required to supply an image file for a specific purpose, simply send us the file and the details and we can take care of this on your behalf. We can even handle requests from publishers, printers and galleries on your behalf and supply the files directly, giving you the time to focus on other things such as creating the beautiful artwork you love to produce.


Are you a gallery or museum? Or perhaps an artist with an entire collection that needs to be photographed? This is something we would be able to assist with both on or off-location, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.