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Image Editing & Re-Touching Services

The Artists Print Room offers a high quality image editing and retouching service. We are ready to take care of your special requirements. Not satisfied with your images? We use many years of experience of high-end retouching and the latest software tools to improve the colour match accuracy.

We talk to our customer to ensure that we fully understand how you would like the images to appear. The images are then retouched and re-proofed.

For accurate colour matching we will require the original artwork to be sent to us

Our editing services include:

  • Image Framing – straighten, crop and sizing
  • Image Enlargement – Sharpen and Noise reduction
  • Background – Clean and Whiten
  • *White Balance – temperature and tint
  • *Exposure – exposure compensation, highlight/shadow recovery
  • *Contrast – black point and midtone adjustments
  • *Refinements – colour adjustments and selective enhancements
  • Lens Corrections – distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations
  • Glare Reduction: reflections and spectral highlights
  • Noise Reduction – noise and artefact reduction
  • Detail – sharpening and local contrast enhancement

*Ideally requires a colour reference chart in the image, such as X-rite Colorchecker Passport or a Kodak Q-13 separation card

Get in touch for more details or call Mark on 07809 381 978

Please note we only edit images that are to be printed at The Artists Print Room