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Photo Negative Scanning Service

Photo Negative Scanning Service

As part of our giclée printing services, we provide a photo negative scanning service to scan full colour and black and white negatives and slides. For us to be able to achieve the very best results, it will depend on the quality of the negative file. Many factors come in to play when producing giclée prints from a scanned negative.

  1. The quality of the negative file itself.
  2. The quality of the camera that produced the negative.
  3. The quality of the lens that was on the camera.
  4. The quality of the film.
  5. The ISO setting of the camera.

Anyone of these can reduce the overall quality of the negative. A high quality sharp print size of 20 x 30 can only be achieved if the picture was taken in excellent controlled conditions (excellent lens, no diffraction, prefectly focused, tripod, etc…), with ultra-fine film (ISO 25 or ISO 50 B&W). We typically recommend that giclée prints, from a 35mm negative scan should be no larger than 16″ x 10″. The technical specification for our negative scanner is:

  • Colour space: Adobe RGB (1998)
  • Custom ICC profiled
  • Negative formats: 35mm up to 10″ x 8”
  • An Optical resolution 6400 dpi
  • Technology: ICE & iRSD Dust removal
  • Image file format: 16b TIFF @300ppi

Suitable Media – Types and Sizes

  • Transparency formats: 35mm up to 10 x 12”
  • B&W negatives: 35mm up to 10 x 12”

Negative Scanning Prices All negatives and transparencies are professionally cleaned, and any dust removed, prior to scanning. All negatives and transparencies are handled with lint-free cotton gloves at all times. Click here for Prices