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This is an ‘Add-On’ to our Giclée Printing Service &
Cannot be ordered as a Standalone product.

By supplying certificates of authenticity with each of your prints you show your dedication as an artist and this can make your artwork easier to sell as well as potentially increasing the sales value. By having this document linked to your work, your customers can have the confidence in purchase. Sadly, there is no guaranteed way to 100% prove the piece is authentic further down the line when it comes to reselling, however, providing a certificate of authenticity provides good reassurance where possible.

What is involved in Certificates of Authenticity?

Overall, there are typically there are a certain few things that should be featured on each certificate of authenticity, this includes;

Title of the artwork: arguably one of the most important features. What’s the name of your piece?

Artist: Again, as above, one of the most vital pieces. This if your ‘stamp’ and seal of approval on the certificate. This ensures your link to the work and gives you the recognition that you deserve.

The date: This may seem an obvious aspect, but it is worthwhile to at least add the year to the certificate of authenticity.

Certificate/print number: Particularly important if your print is part of an
edition. For example print number 1 of 500 – this information should be included on each of the certificates of authenticity – every certificate will then contain a different edition number. Each print will then have the corresponding number pencilled on to provide a pair! One certificate to one print.

Material/Printer/Inks: These are other variables that can add perceived value to your piece. By detailing the substrate printed on in addition to the quality inks, this highlights and ensures the archival qualities of your fine art print.

Additionally, on the certificates of authenticity that we provide, you can find a declaration of intent, signed by both the artist and publisher.

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3 reviews for Certificate of Authenticity

  1. Sisu (verified owner)

    Top quality as always from Mark and co. Excellent certificate, excellent paper and details. A highly recommended certificate of authentification which any of your customers will be very reassured and pleased to receive.

  2. Keith Alexander (verified owner)

    Excellent certificate to add to a limited edition print. Top quality certificate weight paper carrying all the art work details, and proof of competency of production.
    The addition of a certificate by the publisher is certainly adding to the value and authenticity of the art work to the customer.

  3. jhbevis (verified owner)

    Great to get certificates of authenticity with my prints. The information on them is very detailed, they look good with official stamps and labels, and printed on a nice quality heavy paper. Very reassuring for the customer to authenticate the purchase of a print. This is good service as ever from the Artists Print Room.

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