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Technical Support is an in person or remote service to our customers. Providing install and set up of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, monitor calibration (hardware device required) colour management etc.. Find out more about our technical support services here.

Prices at our standard hourly rate.

*On-location consultations are a door to door service, please include return-travel time, when ordering*

I will personally contact you within two working days to arrange a time and date for your consultation.


We can provide a support service to help you ensure your image processing programmes are set up correctly and accurately. Alternatively, we can help run through some of the most common settings and tools you would need as either an artist or photographer. We can cover both Photoshop and Lightroom, whichever you require; or both!

Additionally, we can provide services to assist you in calibrating your monitor and installing or embedding ICC profiles. This is particularly useful when you are planning on printing your artwork as you will be able to see a more accurate representation of the final colours, tones and hues to be expected in your prints.

Talking and showing you through each step, we can answer any of your technical questions. We want to help make your life easier so you can have more time and freedom to create your art or photography without having to worry about the technical issues which can be all so time consuming.

Our technical support services can be provided through Skype or by telephone and remote access whichever suits your needs.

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