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Should you have borders on giclée art prints ?

So we’re discussing whether you should have borders on giclée art prints. We take a look at what border options there are available. Also what are the benefits of borders and how they affect Edition giclée art prints.

When choosing giclée art prints it can be difficult to navigate all the options available. Hopefully once you’ve read through this blog about borders on prints, you’ll have a better understanding of what you want.  Our aim is to provide as much information as possible, to help ease you into the giclée printing process.


Outside Borders

These are borders that surround your giclée art print. So when you place your giclée print order, you specify the size of print you want. For example you want a print of your image at size 297mm x 420mm, but then you want to add an outside border of 25mm. At this point you can choose to add a deeper bottom border, such as 50mm as well.

So if you added a 25mm outside border to the whole of your print (297 x 420mm), your final print with borders would be 347mm x 470mm.

giclée art print with 25mm border

Giclée print with 25mm Outside Border

If you chose a 25mm outside border to the top and sides and a 50mm bottom border. Your printed area would still be 297 x 420mm, but the whole giclée art print would now be 372mm x 470mm.

giclée print with 50mm bottom outside border

Giclée print with 25mm Outside border with 50mm bottom border

Inside Borders

These are borders that will make the actual printed area of your giclée print smaller. So if your print order size is 297 x 420mm, but then you add an inside border to the whole print of 25mm. This means your overall giclée art print will be 297 x 420mm, but the actual printed image area will be 247mm x 370mm.

When you decide to order inside borders, you have to remember that your printed area will now be smaller.

giclée art print with inside 25mm border

Giclée print with 25mm Inside borders

borderless giclée print of desert plants and sun

Borderless giclée art print


This is fairly self explanatory, there is no border. So if you order a print size of 297 x 420mm and order it borderless, your final print when trimmed will be slightly smaller upto 3mm. This is because to achieve a border with no white edges, we have to trim slightly in from the print size. This will create a seamless giclée art print, with no white border.

Be aware that when you order borderless prints, it will be difficult to handle the print without touching the printed area. This is something to be aware of, especially for black matte prints, because black matte will show any marks, the natural oils in your fingers make when handling the giclée print.

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Border included in your image file

In this instance you provide an image file that has a border embedded within your image. So your size of print will reflect this. For example when you place an order for a 297 x 420mm print and your image has a 25mm border already added, then your final giclée art print will be 297 x 420mm, but the printed image area will be 247 x 370mm. If you have a deeper border included in your image file, then of course, the overall print will still be 297 x 420mm but the actual printed area will be smaller still.

Some artists and photographers include a border in their image file, because they have the title of the image and their name or brand logo, or signature already in the border.

You can learn more about signing your giclée art and photo prints here.

Print Trimmimg

All prints are trimmed by eye,  using a linear cutter. We will always cut inside the crop marks, so they do not appear in the finished print. Trimming a print to size typically reduces the final giclée print by upto a maximum of 3mm.



borderless photo print of hare

Borderless Giclée Photo Print

The benefits of giclée art prints with Borders

Firstly whether you choose to add a border or have a borderless fine art print, it does come down to personal taste and how you want to display your giclée print. Some photographers choose a borderless giclée print, that is then mounted to foam core board, mountboard or MDF. It can leave clean lines and no distractions from the image. Though if you choose a matte paper for your photo print, this leaves no areas for you to hold the print. Any fingerprint marks will be clearly seen, especially on a matte black print.

Generally artists and photographers choose to have a border. Firstly this allows them to handle the giclée print more easily. Also if your art print or photo print is going behind a mount, it gives you some leeway, when positioning your giclée art print. This is because your mount might not be quite the true size you want, there can be a slight variation in size.

Imagine if you had a borderless print and wanted it behind an aperture mount. You would need a smaller mount aperture than the print, so that your print didn’t fall through the aperture. Also by having a smaller mount, it means you would not see all of the printed image area. So having a border around your print gives you more freedom when positioning your print behind the mount.

So generally having a border can give you more freedom in how you want to display your giclée art print and also an area to hold your print without getting your fingerprints on the actual printed area. Also you have room to title and sign your giclée art print, so when your print is displayed people can clearly see who is the artist or photographer of the print.

See how being inventive with borders can help you.

art giclée print of woman in goldEdition prints with signature and embossing

We generally advise artists and photographers to order a 50mm bottom border for their giclée print, when embossing. This allows plenty of room for your signature and for your own or our embossing stamp to be added. Adding an embossing stamp, gives more authenticity to the quality of your giclée print. By embossing in the border, we avoid disturbing the printed area.

You can learn more about our Limited Edition prints here

In Conclusion

So when it comes to ordering your giclée art prints, you have to think about the final look of the print. Also you need to know what you want on the print. Such as do you need room to add a signature, do you want to provide an embedded border in your image with the print title and signature already added. Maybe you want a giclée art print with a deeper border for embossing. Also think about whether you want your print mounted and borderless.

We hope this information helps you, but please feel free to Get in touch we’re always happy to help.



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