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Smartphone Photography Tips

Smartphone Photography Tips - The Artists Print Room

Most of us have one; a smartphone. These modern phones tend to have pretty good cameras so there isn’t much stopping you from excellent photography. With your phone on you most of the time, why not get snap happy when you’re out and about?! Here we will take you through a few smartphone photography tips to help you take better photographs:

Clean your lens!

Firstly, you’ve quite possibly got your phone in your hand, pocket or bag for a fair bit of time throughout the day. First things first, clean your lens! It’s likely to have dirt and dust on so it’s worth giving this a quick wipe over – ideally with a microfibre cloth to ensure you’re not leaving any scratches behind.


A lot of smartphones will automatically focus, they will select an object which they believe you are trying to photograph. However, if there is something in your foreground or background that you would like a particular focus on, just tap on your screen. On an iPhone, you’ll see a little yellow box appear – this is now where your camera will focus. It will ensure that your selected object is sharp in the final photograph.

Crop your images

Editing your images can be very straightforward. Many smartphones will have easy to use functions to crop your image. Crop your photograph to take out any distractions that you may not want. It’s worth considering though, if you crop your image, you are quite possibly losing some quality so your image may not print so well (if that’s your desired outcome).


Sometimes your phone may not pick up the lighting correctly to show off your subject to its best ability. In that case, you can edit the exposure. On an iPhone, when you have selected your focus (and the little yellow box has appeared) just slide up and down on the right hand side of this box to edit the exposure level. This is a great tool for editing the shadows or highlighting detail in your photography.


An excellent tool on your phone is the grid feature. This places a three-by-three grid across your screen making it much easier to implement the rule of thirds. Using the grid can also help ensure your image is straight and can also assist in creating leading lines throughout your image.

Zoom with your feet

Smartphones give you the option of zooming in digitally. This is all well and good, however, you will lose resolution by doing so. You’ll lose pixels and it will produce a much worse quality print, so therefore, zoom with your feet! Head over to get as close to your subject as possible. The image quality will thank you for it!

Smartphone Apps

If you want to take your smartphone photography even further, there are thousands of apps available to download, both free or paid for. These apps can offer extra features that your phone software doesn’t have as standard. Apps such as ProShot which is available on both iOS and Android gives you full manual control over options such as exposure, ISO and shutter speed. Furthermore to this, there are apps that are ideal for image editing including Lightroom and Photoshop but you’ll find these are express versions for use on mobile devices with limited capabilities.

If you would like your smartphone photography printed, this is something we can offer. Please bear in mind though that there is a limit to the print size we can offer due to the resolution of these images. We can generally enlarge images by 125-150%, however, the success of this is primarily down to the starting file size. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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