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Student Discount

15% student discount on giclee printingHere at The Artists Print Room we realise that students face an up hill struggle to get their work printed to an exceptionally high standard and within a small budget. That’s why we offer students an additional 15% discount off all our Giclée Printing for Students services, including printing, retouching and editing. We also offer a FREE one-hour introductory meeting aimed directly at students including introduction to Photoshop, colour management, calibration and portfolio printing. We are with you throughout your time as a student, starting from six-form through to graduation. From printing your first portfolio to show your work to prospective Universities to creating your final degree exhibition. We don’t just stop there, we will also help you to produce your first public exhibition. Hopefully you will have gained great and valuable experience in working with us, and we hope you will continue that experience with us, well into your working life as an artist, photographer, illustrator or sculptor. If you are interested in our services please complete this form or Book Here for an introductory meeting.

Call Mark on 07809 381 978 to register.