Apley Christmas Food & Crafts Festival

We recently went to this event at Apley farm and found great success. We sold a lot of produce and had fun in the process. This event was in collaboration with the new team that will be starting in the coming weeks. As one of the managers I took this opportunity to teach the members about the business before their recent interviews to see how much they could remember; plus it also gave me the opportunity to see them first hand, so we could appoint their positions accordingly. We have had a lot of fun at this event and have given the company a great opportunity because of this. We hope to see you again Apley!


Welcome to the new Taste of Tanzania website.

I hope you enjoy the new up-and-coming platform; please give us any feedback regarding your experience with this website.

There is still so much that needs be sorted out within the company and the website, so I hope you will support us every step of the way.

Nevertheless, we’re striving to do the best that we can, so that children at Umonga Secondary School can get the education that they deserve.

Taste of Tanzania Team x