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The Benefits of Printing on Canvas

  • 1st February 20221st February 2022
ocean waves photo print on canvas

Printing on Canvas is a great idea for producing your art and photos in printed form. You can choose to have giclée prints of your artworks and photographs onto fine art papers, but you can also choose to have them on canvas too. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

There are no set rules about what type of art or photograph looks best on paper or canvas. Here we’ll discuss what you need to consider, what is the difference between canvas and fine art paper, and what are the benefits of printing on canvas.

Mixed media art image canvas wrap

Canvas Wrap giclée print

The Differences between canvas and fine art printing paper

One of the main differences is the texture of the surface of each substrate. With canvas it has a textured weave of either cotton or a poly/cotton mix. The weave can be either loose or a tighter smoother weave. You also have the option of adding a matt, satin or gloss varnish to the canvas.

When you choose to print on fine art papers they are usually a cotton or a cotton/ fibre mix, but there are other choices available as well such as bamboo, hemp mix or agave mix. You can also choose textured or smooth fine art paper, with a matt, satin, pearl or gloss finish. Generally fine art paper prints are not varnished, but are mounted behind glass frames to protect them.

So overall there isn’t much difference between canvas or fine art paper. It’s more about the final look you want, especially if you would like a print with a textured weave.

You can see our range of substrates here


What you need to consider when Printing on Canvas

landscape photo print on canvasThere are a few issues you need to bear in mind when turning your art or photo into a canvas print. Firstly if your original art was painted on canvas, where the weave shows, then a canvas print might not suit this type of artwork. This is because a weave seen in your digital file, then printed onto a canvas weave, might look disjointed and confusing. 

Also a canvas print might not suit a very busy, highly detailed photo image. Again this is because with a canvas weave these details might be lost. It all depends upon the type of canvas weave you choose.

So overall it’s down to your image as to whether it will look great on canvas. If you’re unsure, ordering a print proof from your fine art printers can help you decide if your artwork or photo image will look good printed on canvas.

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Ordering canvas printing online

When you order canvas printing online, to print photos on canvas, there are a few things to think about before ordering. These considerations also apply to printing artwork on canvas. 

Firstly you have to decide on the size of print you want. At The Artists Print Room we have  Aspect Ratio charts to help you decide what size canvas print to create from your original image and whether you will need to crop you image to fit the size you would like.

Also if you’re not sure what size image you can print, then please see our Image File Inspection.  We’ll be able to tell you if your file is Print-Ready and what size print can be achieved. We also have a helpful blog about print sizes, please click the link  “Choosing your print size for Giclée Printing” 

We also offer image file editing services too, Get in touch if you need our tech support.



Choosing your style of Border
art portrait print on canvas

Canvas wrap with white border

When you’re choosing a size you will also need to factor in the border around the print. This border will be wrapped around your stretcher bars. Therefore it will need to be wide enough to accommodate the size of stretcher bars you choose. When you place your canvas print order online with The Artists Print Room, we tell you the size of border you need for the stretcher bars you choose. 

Then you will also need to decide on how you want the edges of your canvas wrap to look. At The Artists Print Room we offer several choices of border. Do you want your image to continue and wrap around and over the edges, or do you want a mirrored border of your image. You can also choose a white, black or bespoke colour border. 

Also at The Artists Print Room, everything we print is bespoke, so you can choose a print size of up to 1117 mm wide (including borders) and 2400mm length on fine art canvas rolls. Maximum sized stretched canvas wrap on 44mm stretcher bars is 930mm x 2400mm. You can see more information on the canvases we offer.

If you’re unsure what size you need, then please feel free to Get in touch


fields landscape painting printed on canvas

Loose Canvas giclée print

Choosing a Canvas Wrap or a loose Canvas Giclée print

All our canvas wraps are hand stretched and come fitted with hanging hooks. This means if you order a canvas wrap from the Artists Print Room, it comes ready to hang. No fuss, no hassle, ready for you and your customers to enjoy, also a great idea for a unique gift too.

We can also offer you a loose canvas giclée print. This is the actual canvas print without being wrapped around any stretcher bars. This can be a great way to send a canvas print overseas, which means you’d have a smaller giclée art or photo print, easier to transport. You might even want to hang your canvas print in a different creative way. We have known artists and photographers to use bulldog clips across bars to hang their canvass prints. Anything is possible!





Benefits of Printing on Canvas
  • Firstly one of the easiest and best things about canvas printing is you don’t need to consider a frame for your print. As your canvas will be wrapped around stretcher bars. Also your canvas wrap will come fitted with hanging hooks, so it’s ready to go.
  • So if you don’t need a frame, you also don’t need glass. Which means you don’t have to use non-reflective glass. The canvas wrap will not have any glare from any glass. Giving you a clear view of your artwork or photo canvas print.
  • Without needing to decide on glass or mount board and frames, you not only save time and hassle, you also save money. Frames can be quite expensive and if you change your decor, you might need new frames, to suit the new decor. Also when it comes to selling your art or photo prints it can be hard to choose a frame, you think your customers will like.
  • Canvas has a textured weave, which can give your image a lift. Thus creating a three dimensional look to your artwork or photo print.
  • Also a canvas print can hang in a semi-humid environment, such as a bathroom.
  • With a canvas print you can have a larger print on your wall. As you’re not losing space to mount board and framing. Also you’re viewing a canvas without a frame getting in the way. Thus creating a seamless feeling to the printed scene before you.
In Conclusion

Finally overall there are many benefits to printing your artwork and photos on canvas. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s certainly worth looking into. It comes down to personal taste and which images you think will work best. Canvas printing might work for some of your images, but not all of them. Also if you’re an artist or photographer looking to sell your images as fine art canvas prints, you have to consider your customers. It’s worth speaking to your customers and getting some valued feedback.

Don’t forget at The Artists Print Room we offer print proofs/ test prints. So you can try your artworks and photos as canvas prints, before you order a large canvas print.

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