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The Importance of Certificates of Authenticity

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Certificates of Authenticity are usually associated with Limited Edition prints, but it can be used for any type of Edition printing. We have spoken about these certificates on previous blogs, but we thought it was time for an update. We’re getting asked a lot about these certificates and feel the best way to inform all our artists and photographers is through our blogs.

We will explain more about what a Certificate of Authenticity is, what information should be included and how certificates benefit you. We’ll also provide information on our Certificates of Authenticity and how they benefit you.

giclée print of orange rose flower and certificate of authenticity So What is a Certificate of Authenticity ?

A Certificate of Authenticity is a certificate that accompanies your artwork, painting, photo or print. In this instance we’ll be talking about certificates for giclée prints. The certificate is considered an official document that confirms the giclée art or photo print is authentically provided by the artist or photographer. It proves your work’s provenance and reassures your buyer that the work is yours. For more added reassurance your fine art printer can provide certificates of authenticity with their signature as well.

Using Certificates of Authenticity from your fine art printer and adding value

If you provide your own certificate that you send out with your giclée print, you will have your information and signature of authority on the certificate. This does add value to your print and provides your customer with a level of assurance. Now if you choose to have your certificates of authenticity created and printed by a fine art printer, then you’re adding another level of reassurance to your customers.

Now if you use The Artists Print Room print services and certificates, you not only have our reputation for the quality of the print, but all our accreditations adding value too. The Artists Print Room is the ONLY professional giclée printing service in the UK to be accredited by Epson Digigraphie, Hahnemühle, Canson Infinity and Ilford Imaging. We’re also members of the Fine Art Trade Guild as well.

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giclée print with certificate of authenticityInformation on a Certificate of Authenticity

You can provide as much or as little information as you want on a certificate you create yourself. It depends how much importance you place on a certificate and how much value you think it adds to your giclée prints. If you’re using a giclée printer, such as The Artists Print Room, we offer Certificates of Authencity and can complete them for you.

When you create your own, you can also choose any size you want for your certificate. Some artists and photographers will choose an A6 or A5 size certificate. Bear in mind, this limits the amount of information you can provide and could look lost against your giclée print. Especially if it’s a large giclée print.

Important Information

We’ve listed the important information that should be on your certificate of authenticity below:-

Title of the artwork or photo: arguably one of the most important features. What’s the name of your piece?

Artist / Photographer: Again, as above, one of the most vital pieces. This is your ‘stamp’ and seal of approval on the certificate. This ensures your link to the work and gives you the recognition that you are the owner of the artwork or photo.

The date: This may seem obvious, but it is worthwhile to at least add the year to the certificate of authenticity.

Small image of the piece: Immediately makes the certificate of authenticity linkable to the finished print.

Certificate/print number: Particularly important if your print is part of an edition. For example print number 1 of 500 – this information should be included on each of the certificates of authenticity. Every certificate will then contain a different edition number. Each print will then have the corresponding number pencilled on to provide a pair. So you have one certificate to one print.

Material/Printer/Inks: These are other variables that can add perceived value to your piece. By detailing the substrate printed on and adding information of the quality inks, highlights the archival qualities of your fine art print.

Finally, you, as the artist should sign the certificate in addition to signing the print too! Additionally, on the certificates of authenticity, you can find a declaration of intent, signed by both the artist and publisher.

Limited Edition Prints and Certificates of Authenticity

If you are using a Certificate of Authenticity for Limited Edition prints, then you need to provide more information. Within the art industry there are strict rules with regard to Limited Edition prints. These are in place to help maintain the high reputation and price that Limited Edition prints have. See our Blog on Limited Edition prints for more information.

certificate of authenticity with accreditationsHow do certificates of authenticity benefit you?

By supplying certificates of authenticity with each of your prints you show your dedication as an artist. Showing your potential buyers, that you not only want to create a collection of art, but have a series of giclée prints with a provenance for serious collectors. This can make your artwork and photos easier to sell as well as potentially increasing the sales value. By having this document linked to your work, your customers can have confidence in purchasing from you.

By having a certificate of authenticity you’re also creating an official record of your giclée prints. This can also be used for your artwork too. This may help you to catalogue your work and in time this too can add value to your giclée prints.

Accreditations add value

Also bear in mind the more accreditations you can add to your Certificate of Authenticity, the more perceived value you’re adding to your giclée print. It all comes down to how serious you want your potential buyers and collectors to see you as an artist or photographer. Serious collectors like to feel they’re buying from someone who isn’t going to disappear overnight. So any extra levels of assurance you can add to your giclée prints, gives your customers and collectors peace of mind.

Here at The Artists Print Room we can provide certificates of authenticity with each print. Please Get in touch to discuss your particular requirements and we will be more than happy to help.


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