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The Society of Women Artists 2022 Exhibition

seascape painting by Julie Oldfield called Copper Storm The Society of Women Artists

The Society of Women Artists 2022 exhibition will be their 161st. It will be held at the Mall Galleries, London and will be officially opened by Her Royal Highness princess Michael of Kent on Wednesday 7th September at 11am at the private view.

The SWA seeks works of the highest standard in a specific field from artists. The Society of Women 2022 exhibition aims to promote women artists and showcase a diversity of work from both non-members and members of the Society.

The Society of Women Artists 2022 exhibition will be donating a small percentage of any sales made during the exhibition to a cause close to their hearts, which is Breast Cancer Now (BCN).

Deadline for Entries:  12 May 2022 at 12, Noon (GMT)

painting of Lion and elephants called Lion at Tulip by Linda Travers Smith Society of Women Artists

©Linda Travers Smith ‘Lion at Tuli’ Princess Michael of Kent Award 2021

How to Apply
  • You need to submit online via https://societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk
  • Make sure you choose the NON MEMBERS registration.
  • Young Artists – Please ensure you add your Date of Birth to application, to show you are eligible for the Young Artists (18-35) categories Awards.
  • Non-Members need to login to see if they have been pre-selected on 23 May 2022.
  • If your work(s) is pre-selected it must be delivered to Mall Galleries, London, with a print out of your online submission form on an A4 sheet on 25 June 2022, between 10am-5pm (GMT). DO NOT staple or tape the form as it will need to be photocopied when processed. You must also take any packaging away with you and return with it, to collect work, if it is not selected.
  • You can check to see if your work(s) is successful in the final selection, on 28 or 29 Jun 2022 on SWA website.
  • Work not selected must be collected on 30 June 2022 10am- 5pm ONLY.
abstract painting of structures by Katherine Reekie called Composition with white frames Society of Women Artists

©Katherine Reekie ‘Composition with White Frames’ President and Vice President’s Award 2021

  • You need to submit online via https://societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk
  • Make sure you choose the MEMBERS registration.
  • Young Artists – Please ensure you add your Date of Birth to application, to show you are eligible for the Young Artists (18-35) categories Awards.
  • Members need to login to see if they have been pre-selected on 23 May 2022.
  • Successful applicants need to deliver works to the Mall Galleries, London, with a print out of your online submission form on an A4 sheet on 25 June 2022, between 10am-5pm (GMT). DO NOT staple or tape the form as it will need to be photocopied when processed.
All 3D Artwork

Artists submitting 3D artwork will only have a single stage selection process. This means that your work will be selected purely based on your submission form and submitted digital image file. If you are successful and get selected, then you must deliver your work on 5 September 2022 between 10am – 4pm.

painting of woman's feet called Silk by Zahra Akbari-Baseri Society of Women Artists

©Zahra Akbari-Baseri ‘Silk’ Jackson’s Award 2021

Important Dates for the Society of Women Artists 2022 exhibition
  • Deadline for Submission 12th May 2022 at 12, noon (GMT)
  • Artists Must Login to societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk to check Digital Results: 23 May 2022
  • Receiving Day for wall hanging works: 25 June 2022, 10am – 5pm
  • Selection Days: Sunday, 26 June 2022, 9.30am – 5pm
  • Notification of results of selection (ONLINE ONLY): 28 or 29 June 2022, on the SWA website
  • Collection of unaccepted/ANH work: 30 June 2022, 10am – 5pm ONLY
  • Delivery of 3D work to the Mall:  Monday 5 September 2022, 10 am – 4 pm
  • Charity Evening TBC: 6 September 2022
  • Private View: Wednesday 7 September 2022, 10am to 5pm Followed by Charity Event TBC
  • Exhibition Open to the Public: 6 September 2022 (4pm until 6pm on the first day) then 10am to 5pm daily
  • Exhibition Closes: 11 September 2022, closing time 5pm on Sunday
  • Collection of unsold work: Saturday, 17 September 2022,10am – 5pm
Entry Fees and Rules of Entry
  • For Non-Members £18 per work
  • For Young Non-Members (age 18-35 years) £9 per work
  • Members enter free.
  • Max 6 works can be submitted, with a maximum of 4 being displayed.
  • If you wish to be considered for Associate member (ASWA)or full member, 6 works need to be submitted.
  • Work is acceptable in the following categories:  painting, pastels, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, in all media; engraving, lithography, and ceramics, glass and metal not of a utilitarian nature.
  • Original printmakings and Etchings (showing their plate indentations) are acceptable for entry. Photographs and giclée prints are not admissible.
  • There will be a maximum submission size for paintings and sculpture this year of 200cm.
portrait painting of woman holding large pillow called Embrace by Anastasia Shimshalvilli Society of Women Artists

©Anastasia Shimshalvilli ‘Embrace’ The Tom Urwin Special Fine Art Award 2021


All pictures must be securely framed. The frame needs to be able to accept mirror plates (supplied and fitted by Mall galleries) at the back for having purposes.

There should be no hanging hooks or any projections whatsoever from the back of the frames. This is to prevent damage to other works in stacking and also because mirror plates hold the work tight against the wall and projections could bend the frame and cause damage.

Frames and mounts of unusual colour, size or design may prejudice the chance of hanging
•    Metal frames are not admissible.
•    Glazed works with unprotected glass edges are not admissible.
•    Only newer forms of Non reflective glass are acceptable.
•    Well presented box canvases are acceptable.

Not sure if you are ready for an art competition, then check out ‘Should you Enter Art Competitions’ for information and the pros and cons of art Competitions/ Exhibitions.

portrait painting of girl in white dress called Poetry by Olivia Dunn Society of Women Artists

©Olivia Dunn ‘Poetry’ Derwent Special Fine Art Young Artist Award 2021

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Image file submission requirements
  • Image files should be JPG or PNG and no more than 5MB large.
  • If you are having problems uploading your images, please use image editing software to resize your image to approximately 1600 pixels wide and then save as a new file.
  • Image file names should not be too long and should not contain any invalid characters such as ‘ ” & % * ( ) <‘
portrait painting of woman with golden head scarf called The Sybil by Daisy Denning Society of Women Artists

©Daisy Denning ‘The Sybil’ Karin Walker Young Artist Award 1 2021

Tips on Photographing your Art
  • Remember you will be judged first on your image file. So make sure it is a true representation of your work. Use editing software to adjust the colours, remove colour casts and marks. Also to straighten your image and crop out any frame or background.
  • The digital image file should be just of your work, not the frame or any background.
  • Make sure your work fills the screen of your camera/ mobile. This means you’ll have less to crop out and less cropping means you’ll have a bigger image file.
  • Check that your image is in focus. Use a tripod and if possible use a cable release or timer. This will avoid any camera shake.
  • It is easier to photograph work not in a frame.
  • Choose an even light, preferably North facing. Watch out for colour casts and shadows.
  • Take several photos and choose the best one.
  • When viewing the image(s) on your screen, check the screen brightness. You want an even brightness, this will help you assess how true the colours are to the original work.
wooden sculpture with variety and colour stains of wood and shapes called How Things Were by Rebecca Lisle Society of Women Artists

©Rebecca Lisle ‘How Things Were’ Helen Sinclair Sculpture Award 2021

Sale Price and Commission

The price of works supplied by the artist should include the commission:

Non Members 45% + VAT Commission

Members  40% + VAT Commission

The SWA will be donating 5% of the sale price to the Charity Breast Cancer Now.

All work must be for sale, except by prior consent from the SWA.

Minimum Sale prices for works: £350, and £150 for etchings or lithography or drawings, £200 for 3D works. The aforementioned is applicable on commissioned work arranged through the Exhibition Administrators. Any sale effected by the Exhibition Administrators will have priority over a sale effected by the artist. Please note that artists liable to VAT are responsible for paying their own tax.

See our blog ‘Pricing Art for Competitions’ for help and information on working out commission.

International Artists

Our open exhibition is open to artists in the UK, EU, and outside the EU. Artists who are not resident in the UK have a responsibility to register for UK VAT with H.M. Revenue & Customs.


For a fuller list of art couriers see Mall Galleries 

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Art Moves of Chelsea
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Nick McNally
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Awards and Sponsors

Princess Michael of Kent Award – A signed certificate
President and Vice Presidents’ Award – A signed certificate
The Tom Urwin Special Fine Art Award – £1500
Karin Walker Young Artist Award – 2 x £500
Helen Sinclair Sculpture Award – £500
Derwent Special Fine Art Award

  • Young Artist £500 (art materials) Awards
  • Established Artist £500 (art materials) Awards

The Artist Editor’s Choice Award, Feature in The Artist
The Rosemary and Co Award £100 (brushes)
Patsy Whiting Award £100
Wells Fine Art Award Personalised leather bound sketchbook
Cass Art Award TBC
Great Art Award TBC

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