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The world of personal data is changing

  • 18th April 201813th March 2020

Starting 25th May 2018

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) fast approaching,  we’re getting in touch to check that you’re happy to continue receiving the emails and newsletters we send out from time to time.

We’d love to carry on sharing our thoughts and ideas on fine art, from helpful tips and inspiration to exhibitions and news.

However, under the GDPR regulations we HAVE to hear back from you, otherwise we will HAVE to, by law delete your names and email addresses from our mailing database, INCLUDING CUSTOMERS, therefore, to simplify the whole process we have decided to completely delete our existing marketing database.

Please read our Privacy Policy

If you would like to stay informed,  you WILL have to re-subscribe using the form below. Its a double opt-in form which means you will receive an email, which you have to open and click to activate.

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If you have any questions, regarding your personal data please call us on 01746 325 911 or email me for more details.

All the best