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What is colour correction? & How it effects your prints!

  • 30th August 20148th December 2016

One of the most complicated areas of high quality Giclèe printing.

Color correction is the manual manipulation of shades, curves, hues, saturation, luminosity, channels, contrast and amounts of separate colors prior to printing, thus rendering the print accurately to the original artwork or in order to make the final print pleasing to the eye of the artist.

In simple terms your camera speaks Japanese, your computer software speaks English, your monitor speaks Welsh and your printer speaks Japanese, yet your paper speaks German or French or Italian depending on which paper you have chosen, each requiring an Independant interpreter, or in our case a profile, in order to communicate.

Your camera requires a calibration profile, known as a camera profile, which your computer software can read. You now need a calibrate your monitor to create a monitor profile, each paper or canvas requires an ICC paper profile, which is unique to a single printer and that specific paper. Therefore, If you have two printers then you will require two ICC profiles for the same paper, even if you have two printers both the same make and model, each printer will have subtle differences in there ink deliveries..

Each one of these profile interprets the colours slightly differently, a little like a Chinese whisper, by the time it gets to the last person, it’s not quite the same.

Using a fully colour managed environment and workflow is the first and biggest contribution to the final print quality. Now it comes down to the human eye, viewing your original alongside a proof in a viewing booth next to your monitor, with a understanding of how colour is made up. Each subtle adjustment of hue, saturation, luminosity, white and black point balance, clarity, can make a huge difference to the print colour accuracy.

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