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Why choose Poster Printing for your photos and art

  • 26th April 202226th April 2022
aerial photo poster print of rivers and rocks

Why choose Poster Printing for your photos and art

Poster printing might not be the first thing you think of, when you want to create prints of your photos or artworks. Though this might just be what you’re looking for. Most people associate poster printing with the high volume, low quality posters you either see on a noticeboard or as a movie poster. These type of posters are good for short term use and not really a collectors item. Not unless you keep it in a sealed box, away from sunlight.

So how has poster printing changed? Can it work for artworks as well as photographs? These are some of the questions we hope to answer for you here. Giving you more information to guide you through your printing options.

portrait artwork printed on poster paperPoster print compared to fine art print

As a general rule, poster prints are usually on a light-weight paper with a gloss or satin finish, using dye inks. This means they usually aren’t archival and are only for a short-term use. They generally don’t have a white border surrounding the image and there is usually no signature on the poster.

Whereas when you compare a fine art print to a poster, you can begin to see differences in quality. Fine art prints are normally printed on archival medium/ heavy-weight fine art papers and also printed using archival pigment inks. So a fine art print will last many years longer than a general poster. Also fine art prints are usually printed with a border, leaving room for the title of the artwork and the artists or photographers signature to be added too. They can also be printed on matt, satin or gloss finish fine art papers.

So when you compare a standard poster to a fine art print, it appears a fine art print has more options and is a better quality print. So why should you choose poster printing, rather than fine art?

Archival Poster Printing

art poster print archivalHere at the Artist’s Print Room, we provide an archival poster printing service for artists and photographers. This means all our posters are printed with the same giclée printing process as our fine art prints. 

So our posters are printed using archival quality poster papers, with archival pigment inks. Our posters are a great alternative if you’re looking for a more cost effective giclée print.

Also all our giclée printing sizes are bespoke, so you can choose a poster size of up to 117mm wide and 2400mm length. We also have a list of common sizes to help you out too, when you place your order.

All our poster prints have a life span of around 85 years, if kept in ideal conditions. 

We offer two poster paper choices:-

  • 275gsm Poster Lustre paper, which has a high white point and a lustre finish.
  • 275gsm Poster Pearl paper, which has a natural white base, high D-Max and wide colour gamut.


Poster Printing with or without a border

At the Artist’s Print Room we usually print posters without a border. If you would like to add a border to your print, then please add a border to your digital image file, before sending the image file to us. 

Art and Photo Posters generally don’t have a border, but it might be something you’re interested in doing.

Please Get in touch, if you have any questions

Poster Printing your artwork and photos

Poster prints usually work best for images that have strong bold colours and shapes. Black and white images can also work well as posters. Basically any image that looks good with a lustre or pearl finish, will suit a poster paper. 

For artists and photographers, who are thinking of ordering prints of their artworks and photos, you need to consider your customers. What type of prints they are likely to buy and create a collection of. You might decide to offer more than one type of print, such as an archival poster print and a fine art one, with each at different price points.

Print-Ready Image file

Is your digital image file print-ready? If you need your file editing or you want us to inspect your file first then, please see our Image File Inspection

In Conclusion

overhead landscape photo posterSo in conclusion, your normal poster is no match for a fine art giclée print. Though with The Artists Print Room’s archival poster prints you have a high quality archival poster, compared to a normal poster. 

At The Artists Print Room, we like to offer you a choice of giclée printing options, to suit your budget and with archival poster printing, we think this provides you with another great option, besides fine art giclée printing.

You might find our blog on ‘What you need to know about online giclée printing’ really useful, with lots of information about the fine art printing process.

If you have any questions please feel free to Get in touch


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