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Why Professional Photo Printing improves your Photography

  • 30th September 202031st December 2020
giclée photo print of waves

Why Professional Photo Printing improves your Photography

It is true professional photo printing improves your photography skills and of course in turn your observational skills. You will never look at your photographs in the same way. 

We’ll discuss why professionally printing your photos, changes the way you photograph and how it will change your photography process for the better. It will also help you build a consistent workflow from the initial image capture to the final edit of your photograph, to having a print-ready digital file for sending to your fine art photo printers.

There are a few procedures to consider, which will improve your photography, before the photo printing stage.

Getting Started

Firstly creating a catalogue of your photos is a good idea. There are different software packages to help, such as Adobe Lightroom, CyberLink PhotoDirector and Zoner Photo Studio. There are free photo organising software such as Adobe Bridge, Google photos, JetPhoto Studio, XnViewMP and if you have a Mac, don’t forget iPhoto. All the free photo catalogues are great when you’re starting out. You just have to see which works best for your workflow. 

Screen Calibration

Before you start to edit your photograph, there are a few things to consider. Firstly is your screen calibrated? This is important to achieving a fine art photo print that looks like the image on your screen. For calibrating your screen you need a monitor calibration tool, such as Datacolor SpyderX Pro, Datacolor SpyderX Studio, X-Rite i1 Studio and X-Rite i1 Display Pro. It’s best to do some research on these, to see which suits you best.

Editing your Photograph before ordering photo printing

Firstly it’s important to check the brightness of your screen, too bright and your photo prints will look dark. So make sure you adjust the brightness of your screen before you begin editing your photo.

By calibrating your screen and adjusting the screen brightness, you’ll be creating a colour managed workflow. Ensuring you create consistency in your photographs, ready for fine art photo printing.

Next you need to take a close look at your digital image, are there any flecks of dust or distracting dots on the image. You need to remove these before sending the digital file to the fine art printers. Any imperfections will stand out in professional photo printing. Alternatively you can ask the fine art photo printers to do the editing for you. If you need help please feel free to Get in touch

ICC Profiles

black and white photo printFinally you will need to download ICC Profiles from your chosen fine art printers. ICC Profiles are created for each paper and canvas that is available. At the Artists Print Room we create our own customised ICC Profiles, for a more accurate profile.

Once you have an ICC Profile of your preferred fine art paper, you can view your image in soft proof. This will give you a better idea of how your photograph will look when professionally printed on this specific fine art giclée paper. Now you’re ready to send your image digital file to the fine art photo printers.

The Artists Print Room – Professional Photo Printing

Here at The Artists Print Room we are able to offer advice and best practices to photographers wishing to have fine art photo prints created of their photographs. We have a range of 19 genuine papers and canvases, from the leading paper mills to choose from. Different photographs suit different papers, depending on the colour gamut range needed, whether you want to highlight brighter colours or add a depth of texture to the photograph.

Please feel free to Get in touch

Ordering Test Prints and Black and White photo printing

You can order test photo prints of your photographs to see if you think the fine art paper suits your photograph or whether you want to make any further adjustments to your image.

Black and white photo printing can be more technical when it comes to assessing the dark and light areas. Is the image sharp enough? Do the shadows contrast strongly to the light areas? This comes down to personal taste and how much impact you want the black and white photo to achieve.

A fine art printer should have years of experience with professional photo printing and be able to offer advice when it comes to choosing papers, that work best for each individual photograph. So that you end up with a fine art photo print that has impact. 

Overall Improving your Photography

So in conclusion by looking at the overall steps you need to take before you consider photo printing. Firstly you start to look more critically at your photographs, you create a better workflow management. Which leads to producing a more consistent and reliable work practice. 

Therefore when you next pick up your camera, you’ll be considering how it will look in print form. You’ll be assessing the composition, the focus and the exposure. You’ll be looking for a composition that doesn’t require a lot of cropping. In fact you’ll be assessing the view on your camera screen and seeing how it will work as a photo print, before you even click the button.

Please feel free to Get in touch to discuss your professional photo printing options.


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