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World Landscape Photographer 2022

photo of coastal waves off Ireland by Felix Sproll winner World Landscape Photographer 2021

World Landscape Photographer 2022 Competition is Open for entries from new and established photographers, amateurs and professionals. It was originally founded in 2020 during the Covid pandemic by landscape photographer, Nigel Danson. The aim of the competition is to raise as much money for charity as possible whilst bringing together the best nature photographers from around the World in a competition. It was originally intended as a one off but due to its success in year one Nigel decided to repeat it and raise money to help the environment. Something that all landscape photographers are passionate about.

The profits from the World Landscape Photographer 2022 Competition will go to supporting the Ukraine Crisis Appeal of the Red Cross, providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance.

Deadline for Entries : 31st May 2022.

photo of winter woodland by Antonio Fernandez World Landscape Photographer

©Antonio Fernandez ‘Ruska’ World Landscape Photographer 2021 5th Place

Rules of Entry
  • Entry is by online submission at www.worldlandscapephotographer.com
  • Entry fee is £10, each entry fee allows up to 5 images. Therefore if you wish to enter say, 10 images you pay £20 and so on..
  • Open to all photographers, amateur and professional. Take note there is also a Junior winner prize (under 18).
  • Images can be taken from anywhere in the World.
  • Images that have won awards in other national or international competitions are not allowed to be entered into this Competition.
  • All photographs submitted must be the work of the individual who submits them. You can enter images that were taken whilst on a workshop as long as it is mainly your composition.
  • Entries must be in digital format as follows:-
    4Mb (maximum file size)
    1920 pixels along the long edge
  • All images much be free of water marks, borders and text.
  • All images most follow the file naming convention on the competition rules pages otherwise they will be disqualified.
Submitting Images

All entries must be in the following format:-

  • Maximum 4Mb
  • 1920 pixels along the long edge
  • Saved as JPEG
  • No borders or watermarks

In 2022 the categories have been expanded. It is therefore important that you follow the naming convention below for your files carefully otherwise your entry may be disqualified.

Image names must follow this format




Example:   W-Nigel-Danson-02367-01

  • Composite images are allowed as long as they are for the purpose of one of the following; Focus stacking, Exposure Stacking, Time blending (where the time period is within 1 day from the same scene / composition). For the avoidance of doubt sky replacements from different scenes are not allowed.
  • Editing is allowed on your image however you are not allowed to add objects into your image or any excessive removal of objects other than small debris or dust spots.  Accepted digital adjustments include dodging and burning, changes to tone and contrast and cropping, as well as High Dynamic Range imaging techniques, stitched panoramas and focus stacking.
  • After you have applied and made payment you will get a unique link that you can use to upload your images.
photo of Woodland with bluebells by Will Milner World Landscape Photographer

©Will Milner ‘Spring Congregation’ World Landscape Photographer 2021 2nd Place

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World Landscape Photographer 2022 Judges

Nigel Danson – Nigel is a YouTube creator and landscape photographer. He created World Landscape Photographer in 2020 to raise money for different causes, so far raising well over £25,000.

Verity Milligan – Verity is award-winning professional photographer and educator working out of the city of Birmingham, UK.

Mads Peter Iverson – Mads is a photographer living in Aarhus and Silkeborg, Denmark.

James Popsys – James Popsys is a British outdoor photographer and Youtuber, currently based in North Wales.

Felix Sproll – Last years winner of WLP, Felix is a photographer from the west coast of Ireland

Sapna Reddy – Sapna is a landscape photographer based in Northern California. She is currently pursuing dual careers as a photographer and a physician.

Rick Bebbington – Rick is an accomplished Filmmaker and Photographer based in the North West of England. Rick has been working alongside Nigel for the past 3 years, helping him to produce a number of projects including Masterclass 1 and 2, and Nigel’s YouTube channel.

All images will be viewed by the judges, without knowing who the author is.

photo of Loughor Estuary by Ludwig Esser World Landscape Photographer

©Ludwig Esser ‘Loughor Estuary’ World Landscape Photographer 2021 3rd Place

Things to Consider
  • A landscape photo is mainly of nature. Wildlife, people and manmade objects, buildings should not be the main focus of an image. They can add to the overall aesthetics of the image and can be a guide to scale, but should not be the leading subject of the image or detract from the landscape scene.
  • Make sure your image files are formatted as required and do not include a watermark or border.
  • Ensure your images have filenames in the format requested. You may be disqualified if you don’t.
  • Read the terms and conditions here, before completing your application. Read the rules several times to ensure you know what is required and if you are happy with the terms on offer.
  • Check and re-check that the images you supply are the correct technical specifications required. Also make sure you submit your files with the filename in the order that is required. Don’t lose out or be disqualified on a technicality, that could easily have been avoided.
  • Take time to see which categories best suit your images. You want your images to capture the imagination of the judges, so consider the title of your images carefully.
  • Take a look at previous winners to see what the standard is like and you will also find comments from the judges on the images too.
Image Use

By submitting an entry to the Competition, you grant Nigel Danson permission for your entry to be published on his websites including but not limited to www.nigeldanson.com and on YouTube (nigeldanson) and Instagram (@nigeldanson and @worldlandscapephotographer) and any other social media accounts related to this competition.

By submitting a photograph to this Competition entrants agree that Nigel Danson reserves the right to free reproduction and exhibition of the image in all media in conjunction with this and future World Landscape Photographer competitions. Photographers will be credited if an image is used. The copyright of photographs remains with the photographer.

ice on tree stumps in sea photo by Troels Bjerre called Knudshoved World Landscape Photographer

©Troels Bjerre ‘Knudshoved’ World Landscape Photographer 2021 4th Place


The World Landscape Photographer 2022 Competition will close for entries on 31st May 2022.

The judges will then view submitted images and decide on the main winners.

During the judging stage, the judges may ask for RAW images. This does not mean that you have won one of the main prizes or been shortlisted.

They will announce 10 shortlisted images in each category and the main winner, junior winner and category winners.

The judges’ decision is final and the winner will be announced after 18th June 2021.

All prize winners will be announced initially on Nigel Danson’s YouTube channel and published on the World Landscape Photographer website.

dead trees in mist photo by Brian Clark World Landscape Photographer

©Brian Clark ‘Dead Trees in Mist’ World Landscape Photographer 2021 6th Place

Prizes and Categories

Overall Winner – Nikon Z711 + 24-70mm f4 Lens (Worth £3,500)

Junior Winner – Benro Carbon Fibre Tripod (plus 4 x 1-on1 online mentoring sessions with Nigel Danson and eBook on Composition by Judge, Mads Peter Iversen).

Selected Category Prizes

This category is all about big vistas and views of the landscape.
1st Prize – Tenba Axis 24L Back Pack
2nd Prize – Lexar SD card + 512Gb SSD
3rd Prize – Vistas Book by Nigel Danson

This category celebrates woodlands and trees. Entries to this category should have a tree or a number of trees as the main focus of the image.
1st Prize – Datacolor Spyder X + BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Monitor Light
2nd Prize – £100 Fotospeed Paper Voucher
3rd Prize – Woodlands Book by Nigel Danson

This category is all about the coast, ocean and seas from around the world.
1st Prize – Kase Magnetic Filters
2nd Prize – A3 Fotospeed Paper Voucher
3rd Prize – Seascapes Book by Nigel Danson

Abstract and Close Up
This category is for any images that are of an abstract or close up / macro nature.
1st Prize – Arc’teryx Brize 25 Backpack
2nd Prize – Peak Capture Camera Clip + Everyday Sling
3rd Prize – £50 Fotospeed Paper Voucher




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